Sunday, June 11, 2006

week 9

Since Erica is having yet another sour week, I'll try to recap the past week or so events...

Beginning with her birthday BBQ! Anna and I perfected the barbeque menu when Artineh and her family came to visit the previous week and we broke in our new Weber. Jonathan grilled and everyone else lended a hand here and there.. She had a wonderful time---lots of laughs, smiles, drinks and games. Thanks to everyone who came!!

As for her hospital visit last Monday, she once again was unable to receive the chemo treatments since her counts were so low. Instead of being worried, the doctors all feel that this is "completely normal" (something we hear a lot and wonder exactly how that's possible since she isn't following protocol?? and if it's normal, why is there a protocol?) and simply means that the chemo given two weeks prior was so aggressive and worked so well that it is still fighting the leukemia---and subsequently all her other cells too. They said that the next time they are able to give her chemo, it will be a lower dosage. Ultimately, they will give her the most her body can handle in an effort to completely rid her of the disease. It makes sense, but we have to wonder, is she really handling the meds??

Since Erica is having a rollercoaster ride of side effects ranging from an insatiable appetite to being hungry but not having anything sound good, from diarrhea to constipation, from pain to lack of feeling in her limbs, from having chills to breaking out in sweats, dealing with energy levels... etc etc, we have begun to complain to her doctors. Ready for their suggestion?? Marinol, a.k.a. MaryJane! Granted it is pill form, but they have resorted to the good old weed! And Jamie and I have never laughed so much in our lives! Erica is HILARIOUS on this stuff!! She is so cute and funny and finally hungry! Unfortunately, she doesn't want to feel high all day as it lasted for a ridiculous eight hours so she stopped taking it after day 2. As much as Jamie and I were tempted to join her in Wonderland, we opted to remain responsible and do our best to keep her from tripping out more than necessary. She may try it again, but since her reality is already a drug-induced daze, she prefers to be as coherent as she can.

Hmm, what else...? Our days are pretty standard, minimal activities lately because she hasn't been able to get out of bed. Tomorrow is another hospital day, and if her counts are up for it, she will receive the chemo and steroids which may give her a bit of a boost. All in all, we giggle a lot, play many games, and read out loud daily. We are finally making it through our list of books that we have always meant to read but haven't had the time. Yea, we have lots to bitch about, but I think we're pretty lucky too.


Adam said...

Hey Erica,

Hope your two day 'trip' went well and your sis made some good munchies food. Also hope my mum's book made it to you, there are a few good food ideas in there, including some smoothies that I remember being pretty tasty.

Love and hugs,


tracybogue said...

Hi Ladies,
Just wanted you to know, I am on the registry. Hopefully, someday I will be able to help someone!
xoxo, tracy

Patty said...

Hey Erica! I just wanted to send some positive vibes your way. Adam Day let me know about your blog in his recent Oxy update.

Stay strong and you are in my prayers.

Take care,

p.s. Don't forget about OXY LOVE...hope that brings a smile to your face!