Wednesday, January 17, 2007

back to life. back to reality.

Right now, I'm in the Fletcher library having attending my first class this morning and waiting to meet Katie, Evelyn, and Abdul for lunch. Aahh, it feels GOOD to be here. It feels GOOD to think. It feels GOOD to drive, to have responsibilities, to feel a sense of place. There are so many new faces swirling around campus, but most of them sport smiles and I hope to meet lots of people over the next few weeks. I'm still nervous about this semester (the reading, the commute, tuition cost), but know that if it weren't challenging, there would be no sense of satisfaction or accomplishment.

Oh yeah- we got back from Mexico yesterday. Our luggage, however, has not.
We had a wonderful time in Playa del Carmen: sunning, eating, shopping, splunking through caves, snorkeling with turtles, getting spa treatments and just being together. I will put up some pictures when I get home. I really hope that such vacations- groups of friends gathering from various corners of the world- are a hallmark of our lives. Thank you guys so much for coming!!

Alright, I need to go sell my medications for tuition money now. Anyone like Oxycontin? medicinal mary jane? My prices are good; let's make a deal.

[yikes! I'm just KIDDING, dr. S!!]


Erik said...

Erica, I'm so happy to hear you're back in school. I miss studying in libraries. There's something so pure about sitting in a library on a college campus, devouring new information. I love it. Reading this post made me want to apply for grad schools again.

Oh, and I'll take some of the medical mary j. (I'm just kidding too, Dr. S.)

Anna said...

Hi hun,
I didn't know how many blog entries I had missed due to all of my travels this season, kind of funny to have just seen you and be catching up on these retroactively! Now that you are back in school, and I am back at work, I'm sure we will both make even more use of this blog site to procrastinate...yay! well, maybe you won't procrastinate as much as me...or rather for sure you won't procrastinate as me. Love you!