Monday, May 28, 2007


i need to apologize.

on an average of once per day, i am greeted by someone's big friendly smile, someone who clearly knows who i am, and who i just can't quite place. some of them have "heard" of me as that girl who dropped out of school last year or something, but most are people who i have actually met. some people are bad with names, but i seem to have serious mental blockage- not just with names but with having met people at all. i feel rude and idiotic each time i shove out my hand with an introductory, "hi! i'm erica!" and they reply, "yeah i know, we met at that party last friday?"


i know that many of my meds have "interesting" cognitive and emotional side effects including forgetting things, but since most of my mental functioning is back since going off of aspariginase and down on some other chemos, i am surprised by the persistence of the swiss cheese holes in my cranium. i hope i'm being fair and honest blaming my rudeness on my drugs and this isn't just a weakness that i will own for eternity. anyway, if you have been the victim of such a slight by me, please accept my apology!

today, we celebrated memorial day with a backyard bbq at my new casa. it seems that boston does not really believe in spring or fall, but prefers only the extremes of winter and summer. even so, i'm glad that we've entered the hot part of the year. thank you so much to those who came today!

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