Tuesday, June 19, 2007

best laid plans

Sorry for the blag. (that’s a blog lag) Life has been busy but simple, a great combo.

There is an episode of The Simpsons where Lisa sets out to scientifically determine “Who is smarter: my brother or a hamster?” She sets up an experiment where the hamster is shocked each time it tries to eat a food morsel. Likewise, Bart receives an electronic shock whenever he reaches for a cupcake. The result? The hamster learns much quicker to avoid the temptation.

I fear that I am more like Bart. There are many facile lessons that seem to take me a long time to figure out. The pattern of which I’m finally taking notice is the effect on my body of the 3-week chemo routine of this 15-month phase of treatment. Only took me 6 months to take note and take action. Heretofore, the aches, the vomiting, the constipation, the insomnia, the fatigue, blah blah blah, were each examined rather individually and never have I had the (obvious in retrospect) prescience to notice of the schedules of sickness and plan ahead. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I really don’t think I’ve experienced a very consistent reaction to the drugs until the past couple months. So, now, I am, to some extent, preparing myself (mostly psychologically) for impending pain and discomfort. For example, tomorrow is Day 1 of a cycle, so I expect to feel like shit for about a week starting on Friday or Saturday— so, let me see… june 23-30… EEK! just in time for finals! Sigh. Maybe ignorance was bliss.

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Peter said...

At times we all have our Bart-esque moments, but your mannerisms and intelligence is not that of the yellow spiked hair one. I find you more congruent to the yellow star shaped head one. Anyways, reactive patterns are often hard to figure with so many x variables when we're all so busy figuring y. Does that make sense?