Saturday, August 18, 2007

recalibrated, illustrated

Artineh's Bachelorette Party at Malibu Wines

I'm on a self-imposed mildly-unsuccessful non-drinking phase.

What a hard worker! (Jamie on her work cell while in Catalina.)

Newlyweds: Anai y Roberto

Anai, Uma, me, Marie, Erik (newly and happily divorced: uma y erik)

The Empire State Building.

Mom, Jaci, Andres y me at Katie's company (Rosenblum's) event.

Uncle Jimmy y me with Palace of Fine Arts & the bay behind.
(This is the actual view from their balcony!)


Anna said...

Hi sugar bun,
I tried to leave a comment the other day and wasn't able to for some reason. Just wanted to say hi! I love you. The pictures are very nice.

artineh said...

Well, even in the busiest of all weeks (yup, the week before a 400 person wedding is utter chaos), I am reading your blog. If that's not an example of a strong following, I don't know what is. Keep writing. We're definitely reading.

I'm so glad you were out here and able to celebrate with me and to spend time with friends and family. It was SO good to see you! (by the way, thinkin' of the picture with the yellow car, I learned some photoshop tricks I should show you next time). Love ya! -Art

Anonymous said...

Wowee. Ever notice how stunning you women are? Especially noticeable when two of you have those great matching pixie cuts, SO HIP AND TRENDY you people!

PS-The Empire State Building never looked so damned appealing...