Thursday, September 20, 2007

TV X'S 2

1. A feature on TV last nighton young adults with cancer, including following some around Dana Farber Cancer Institute, my home away from home.

2. A documentary on The Learning Channel. Said Carr, the creator, "People often ask me why I named the film Crazy Sexy Cancer. The answer is simple: to challenge the perceptions, to poke fun and bring humanity to a disease that is still so misperceived and feared. No matter what happened, I refused to be saddled with the isolating stigma associated with cancer. Just because it had changed my life forever, didn't mean that I had changed."


Melissa Marie said...

I'm so glad you found "Crazy, Sexy, Cancer"; I thought it was amazing and I'm glad you liked it too. xox

Kenji said...

Hey Erica,

Not sure if you remember me from Oxy (Class of 2002). My friend, Carl Fisher, just visited me and told me about your health condition -- I am sorry. For the last two years, I was living and working in Tanzania and was diagnosed with a rare type of brain cancer a month ago. I am now getting a treatment at MGH for a while. FYI: I am starting my radiation tomorrow. I thought it would be nice to get in touch with you. Let me know what's up.

Kenji Matsumoto