Thursday, June 05, 2008

June 4th

At precisely 0747, 29 years ago, the sweetest most beautiful baby girl arrived in West Vancouver British Columbia. She was the cutest little baby weighing in at 6lbs 10 oz with the most engaging smile ever. Today, this same lovely little baby has metamorphized into a wonderfully strong, intelligent, inspiring and beautiful young woman. She has made me so proud with all her achievements, travels and accolades. As Jaci reads this and giggles over my fawning of my first born, as sappy as this sounds, being her mother, I am allowed to praise her as I see fit! =)

To be on hand to celebrate this auspicious occasion, Jamie flew in from LA yesterday and Jaci from Boston. To start off the day, Jaci cooked and served her a delicious breakfast burrito. Katie came over to join the festivities mid-morning and all enjoyed long life noodles for lunch. This is a traditional Chinese custom that most families observe to wish good fortune and long life to the birthday person. Abby and Naomi came by just in time to savor some yummy brownies. Jamie and Jaci prepared a gourmet burger dinner with all the trimmings - corn on the cob, guacamole, baked beans, avocado, onions and dills – everything Erica can have from her low microbial menu. And for the grand finale, Jamie baked her famous apple sauce cake topped with whipped cream (yup! Its non dairy!).

As for well wishes, she had aplenty. Calls and emails from numerous friends and relatives from near and far kept coming all day long. UPS and Fedex were busy with packages galore – from Anai, Uma, Kathy, Katie, Sally, Linda and Adam, not to mention the big box (containing something red – good luck color – that she’s been wanting) that her friends had chipped in for. All in all, it was a grand day for our girl. She had a great birthday!! And we wish her with all our love for many many more to come. We love you Sweetheart…


kanigma said...

Happy Birthday Erica! It sounds like good food and good fun.

Mark & Yuri

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Erica!! Wishing you the very best for many years to come!

Jen (your cousin - had to put that because I once again can't remember my da-- password! ;D)

Anonymous said...


Thinking of you always and Sooo happy to hear you're doing so well.
Lots of hugs to you!

Doreen Marr and family

christina said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Love your new gadget...!

-Christina Burbank (now Alejandre)

adam said...

So glad you were able to enjoy a veritable birthday feast (despite the pesky dietary restrictions), and Gus appears to be patiently awaiting the day that you (and Lola?!) can come romp and play with him at the beach!

Georg, Stephanie & Liam said...

That dog is the cutest!! Love the mixed breeds, they are so unique.

roman said...

Happy Birthday Erica!

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica!

We have never met but I have been reading your posts for quite some time. (Gosh I just seem like a stalker!!!) I just want to let you know that I've been sending some positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Anyhow, I stumbled through your site through Karen and Joe. My father was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome in January 2007 and it's been very difficult on my family. He is transfusion dependent, receiving blood transfusions every 2 weeks. He started chemo as well and it has been grueling.

You are such an inspiration and I feel like I got to know you through your posts that were posted by you and your family. Indeed, you are as beautiful as everyone says.

Even though my father will never be a candidate for a BMT, I recently signed up to be a donor. It really saves lives, and you are a living inspiration.

Happy Belated Birthday!


j p g said...

happy birthday erica.

I am sorry this ever happened to you. I have been there. My wife spent her 29th birthday in the hospital after her 1st transplant. She was treated at stanford for induction therapy. Our story can be found at if you ever want to talk, email and I'll listen.

j p g

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Erica!

I just happened to see your Youtube video and it made me cry. You are sooo beautiful and such an inspiration. My 2 year old niece Ava was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia last year and it has been tough watching her go through chemo and steroids. She is in remission but has two years of maintenance left. I wish you the best and may God bless you. I will continue to pray for you, stay strong!

- Jeremy

Katy said...

Happiest birthday to someone who truly deserves it.