Sunday, September 06, 2009

Documentary Short

Dear All,

Please find below a link to the documentary short by Naomi Ture, Chris Faber, Nick Davila and others that have contributed to its creation.

A message from Naomi:

Thanks to the support of friends, family and donors, we are making finishing touches to A Perfect Donor. This 6-minute piece aims to encourage minority viewers to donate their bone marrow stem cells through a connection with a passionate and driven young woman living with leukemia. The short is intended for distribution online and through bone marrow drives and educational events.

We're fundraising for the feature documentary, Laughter in the Wind, which will bring more intimacy to the issue, affording the audience the time and space to experience, reflect on and absorb the deeper existential issues and transformative power of Erica's journey. With a broader audience, we hope to compel viewers to take action.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, yet tearful video....What a beautiful job you all did on producing this video. I wish the outcome could have been different for Erica. However, I'm praying that, through Erica and her story, others will be saved and receive a donor. Keep up the good work! Erica would be proud, I'm sure!! Blessings to all of you.

Dennis Pyritz, RN said...

Special invitation to leukemia bloggers. This month’s Book Club selection at is by leukemia and transplant survivor, Evan Handler. Handler is a noted Broadway and television actor best known as Charlotte’s boyfriend/husband in Sex and the City. He has also appeared in Lost, The West Wing, and Studio 60. This funny and poignant book covers his diagnosis with AML, his remission, relapse, and treatment with bone marrow transplant at John Hopkins and Memorial Sloan-Kettering. You can order a new or used copy of the book from my site. Discussion began today and will continue for the next three Mondays in September.
Take care, Dennis

WUCREW News said...

each and every time I watch the documentary I am touched and inspired. Its really a wonderful creation and I am sure your sister would be so excited about its success. No doubt it will help others get interested in giving bonemarrow and be encouraged to pass on the message of hope to others. What a legacy to leave behind at such a young age. Keep up the excellent work, all our best!

Anonymous said...

the URL has changed to:

beautiful video... we miss you erica

Corinne said...

wow that was wonderful to watch. thanks for posting it Jaci. its good to see her story continues.

Al Laurente said...

I saw your blog about Erica from googling about the SF Marathon. Thanks for sharing. I have donated 3 gallons of blood and 1 gallon of platelets the past 5 years. Stories of Erica's struggle inspires me to keep on donating. Erica is so beautiful and young to pass away. Thanks for sharing.