Thursday, May 18, 2006

LA Relay

Some of us LA folks (Jonathan, Ted, Katy Lim, Marie, Erik, Anai, etc.) are participating in theRelay for Life this Saturday (May 20th) in honor of you, Erica Murray.
Maybe some other LA folks (who don't know about it) would either like to come down and participate or make a donation. (see link above) Love to you both.Ums

Where: Newport Harbor High School

600 Irvine Ave

Newport Beach, CA 92663

When: May 20th @ 10am - May 21st @ 10am (that's right...24 hours)


Erik said...

Hey Erica and Jaci, I just wanted to let you know that the walk is going strong! I have some grainy pictures I took with my phone that I will send you later. xoxoxo, and everyone sends you their love from california

Greg Genco said...

Hey Erica,
I just received this message from Takeshi & Kazumi, who were my Monday adult students at Shin Maruko. Do you remember them? They couldnt navigate the site and wanted me to send this to you. Hope you are feeling well today.
O Daijani,

Hi! Erica! (^o^)¡¿
We are Takeshi & kazumi from Japan.
Do you remember us ?
We are PEG Shinmaruko student.
We still study English.
Our English isn't good enough yet. (>_<)
We seeing your website.
We're glad to see your smile again.
We support to you from Japan!!
GANBARE!!!! d=(^o^)=b

Love. T&K

Jon Endrikat said...

Is "LA relay" the sister company of "LA Fitness". Hmmm... must be French. Hope you are having a good week.

Love from Oregon