Wednesday, May 10, 2006

May 10, 2006

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and ideas. They really make a difference.
Yesterday was Day 1 again, meaning loads of chemo and other chemo-side-effect-alleviating drugs too. I know medicine has come miles and miles in its treatment of leukemia and that just years ago I probably wouldn't have survived, but I bet someday, future peoples will look back and marvel that we actually made patients endure chemo-therapy torture. It's so crazy and difficult for someone who more-or-less did "everything right"- excercise, healthy food, etc- to inject enormous amounts of poison into her body on purpose. There will be other ways.

I was pretty terrified because I felt awful during week 1 last cycle. Thankfully, I believe I can attribute that misery mostly to the residual side efffects of the radiation. I actually had a nice weekend and despite the long day at the hospital (my hermatocrit levels were very low so I had to spend considerable time receiving bags of red blood cells), had a good day yesterday too. I have been enjoying considerable time with Fletcher friends since most of them are off to their summer travels and travails very soon and am so grateful that I have the energy to do that.

Unfortunately, I have decided not to do a summer school class at Fletcher. I have been debating it for a while, but have to recognize that I am just not ready for the intense reading, the 3-hour classes, the stress, etc. It's hard to admit, but I fear that starting and failing would be a hundred times more disappointing. Jaci's taking a Mandarin class for her own personal growth, so I'm considering taking maybe painting or something. There is also a Tai Chi center not too far which I'm sure my body and mind could benefit from. This disease is sure making me have to slow down in life, in rushing toward a career and that sort of happiness I thought was all-important. It's a tough mental transition, but in desperately searching for meaning in this disaster, it's probably a good lesson. (not totally convinced)

On Monday, my doc reluctantly gave me the OK on eating sushi (only this week when my levels are all good and boosted, he conceded) since he doesn't want me to get any funky germs from uncooked foods. I am so excited and Jaci and I plan to hit up some sashimi today. Almost four months without sushi?? Now, THAT's tough.

One other thing- to my Oxy friends: who's planning on going to the reunion? I received all the paraphenalia yesterday and really want to come, but of course don't want to make the trip if you guys aren't going. Let's do it! (maybe not stay in Stewie, but...) I figure I can make anyone feel better about what they're up to these days.... =)


TheDarkerUma said...


You coming to a reunion at Oxy? Wild horses couldn't keep me away. (that's the proper way of saying it, right?)

Yes, I would DEFINITELY go, if you came.

Love Uma

Erik said...

Erica, I'm not even in your class, but if you were there, I would crash it. Love, Erik

GabbyT said...

I didn't even GO to Oxy and I'm there if Erica goes. ;) (Sorry to use your page as a competition, heh heh.)

marie said...

I suddenly can't wait for it! See, Uma's so excited about it that she forgot to mess up her Americanism...

Love you.

Matt Warren said...

For God's sake it starts on my birthday...of course Kristy and I will be there!!! Erica, COME ON DOWN!

Jamie said...

I have already made a reservation for us at the Ritz. Well, not really, but I will. We'll just 208 it!!!! Seriously though, you know that Jon and I will figure something out. Love you and I'm glad that you are feeling a little better. Miss you!!

Love, J

joyce said...

Hey Erica...glad you got to go out for some sushi! So on that note, do you fancy a sushi-making/rolling get-together? I'll bring my bamboo roller...

I hope you're feeling up for a little company this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you, Jaci, Lola, and your Mom soon!


P.S. This OXY thing sounds like a blast...any way I can get in on it?! ;)

volvojon said...

Did someone say Ritz and Oxy reunion with Erica???? Hell Yeah I am there as long as Erica is going to be! Jamie and I will take care of the hotel details.

Love you and see you soon!

Leslie Edwards said...

It was so great to talk to you today...I miss you so much! I feel a bit left out that I didn't go to Oxy (am I even allowed to call it that being that I am not an alumni or is it alumnus...perhaps spelling is one of the reasons I did so poorly on the GRE)! It would be great to go to a reunion, you would have so much fun because I have met some of the Oxy kids and they are all pretty damn cool. So, much love from me as I enter finals once again and finally get to relax. Watch out, I might start stalking you with all the free time I'll have on my hands when school is out. LOVE YOU & JACI (Jaci: did Erica tell you I'm reading Marley & Me? So cute)

artineh said...

You're going?? I got the stuff too and decided against it since it would not be the same without you but if you'll be there, then for sure, I'm there too and I'll try to convince Linh and Luiza!! I hope it's not too late to send in our RSVPs.

So glad also that you're feeling better this week. Can't wait to see you. And if the Ritz and Stewie don't work out, you know there is always room for you at Chez Art.

love you,

Greg Genco said...

GREAT to hear you are feeling better and that you got the ok on sushi!!
i just had some sushi and tempura in Ft. Erie, Ontario of all places and it was damn tasty.
& kio skete