Wednesday, August 30, 2006

week 19, actually...

Well, I promised Erica I would blog on her behalf... so since I am sitting home with a little cold, I thought, no time like the present!

Many new developments here in Boston, so I will give a brief rundown of everything:

Erica and I attended Aaron and Shoshana Resnick's wedding in DC which was soooooo lovely. It was the first Jewish wedding for both of us and we're considering converting! Ok, we're not, but it was still great! The ceremony was in both English and Hebrew under a chuppah made by the bride's late-mother with singing, readings, and so much love. The reception was just FUN with circle dancing and great food... I think that seeing Aaron after so much time was a gift for Erica that was clearly displayed in her amazing level of energy that weekend.

Anyone a Red Sox fan?? Erica, David, Melissa, and Matt scored tickets to a BoSox /Yankees game! Poor BoSox... it turned out to be the longest 9-inning game in history and it was the Jimmy Fund Night where nearly $2 million was raised. Jimmy Fund is an amazing children's cancer center at Dana Faber...

Erica and I have recently joined a gym here which may surprise some of you. Since E has a bit of a difficult time walking up the stairs, one may think a gym is ridiculous. However, when you put her in a pool, she turns into a fish! I was so impressed with her stamina and strength! But no worries: when her counts are low or she feels tired, I don't let her push it. But for me, I'm enjoying her company there! We're still taking baby steps (with no rush) to lead her to workout on machines and build her muscles.

Luke has recently decided to move to Boston and has acquired a really great flat near Copley Square. Both our places are conveniently near T stops (Boston's metro system) which makes Erica excited for a little independence traveling between us. I'm looking forward to having a teammate here to help me when I need a little suport. As Switzerland, I'm hoping for the best!!!

As for me, I am taking a class starting September 18th and applying for fall 07 admissions to a variety of schools here in Boston. I'm looking forward to both meeting new people as well as welcoming back all the Fletcher friends for a new semester... NOT looking forward to the Boston winter though...!! :)


Kent said...

Hey guys,

I am glad to hear that you made it out to the Red Sox/Yankees game...I was very jealous that I was unable to attend...until I saw the score. Damn Yankees!

I am well and currently in Oklahoma, visiting family. Joyce flew down for a bit and got to see all the sights, like the Cowboy Hall of Fame. Where else can you see black velvet paintings of John Wayne and Ronald Reagan? Take that, Boston!

I just heard from my company that my Certificate of Eligibility is in the mail, so I should have a visa in a week's time or so. I am also excited to get back over to Nippon and get back to work. I am excited to hear about all of the changes happening with Luke and school. I wish you both the best and I will be in touch once I get settled and unpacked.

Greg Genco said...
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Greg Genco said...

Erica and Jaci,
Glad to hear you had a wonderful time at the wedding!
You both looked lovely in your formal wear and shawls.
Best of luck down at the gym and enjoy the twilight days of summer.
Take care,