Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday, September 26th, 2006

Hi, this is Uma (a friend of Erica’s from college) logging in for an inevitably long and windy update. I certainly won’t be as eloquent as Erica, but I do have her looking over my shoulder to watch my language.

On my first day being a 27 year old, I flew to Boston to see Erica. I arrived at 7am and went straight to bed. Erica didn’t mind as she was up to sleeping till noon that day as well. When we awoke our first item of business was to listen to some kick ass mix CD’s that Mr. Erik Patterson created with his blood, sweat and tears. The most memorable moment in this montage was seeing Erica writhing around in bed and rocking out to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”.

That night Jaci, Erica and I had a true girls night watching two of the best shows on TV: The Office and Grey’s Anatomy. We all got a little misty eyed when Bailey collapsed near the end. You know the scene.

On the 22nd, we were all invited to their neighbors’, Amelia and Mike, for dinner. They were dog sitting and their dog clearly had a crush on Lola (Jaci’s dog). After a scrumptious dinner, Mike took the dogs for a walk and came back after two minutes, quite panicked. A skunk had sprayed both dogs!! The next two hours went by as Amelia, Mike and Jaci showered the dogs with hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap. Erica and I did the dishes and ate cookies. Needless to say, it was a great way to bond with the neighbors.

On the 23rd, lo and behold Jonathan Murray and Ted Sheets (also from the college days) arrived. Or at least we thought they did. They too arrived in the early AM but did not make contact until the early PM. When the boys FINALLY arrived we headed over to Erica’s friends’ (Gioia, Katie, and Evelyn) house for Afghanistan food (yummy in my tummy as Jonathan put it). After a thoroughly satisfying meal we settled into a game of Settlers. Yeah, you can probably guess what that means. A very complicated and therefore hard to learn game that had Jonathan rolling his eyes a lot and texting on his cell phone. Ironically, Ted and Gioia won, being the fully white team. Erica and I protested for our people (the darkies) but to no avail.

On the 24th we started our day with a lovely afternoon of arts and crafts. Erica painted a gorgeous depiction of Lola. Ted drew Lola in pencil and then quickly lost interest. Jonathan drew Ted who looked alarmingly like Adolph Hitler. He then proceeded to draw me, and I had grotesquely large breasts and looked like a relation of Beavis.

I then had the brilliant idea of going to Karaoke. Which was met with groans from everyone but my darling, Erica. We first went to another wonderful restaurant for Korean BBQ. You basically cook the meat on a grill at the table you are sitting at. The poor waitresses tried to cook for us but Erica quickly took over, eying the waitresses with suspicion anytime they tried to help.

Then we headed over to Karaoke and got ourselves a room with a strobe light, tambourines and books filled with lots and lots of oldies but goodies. We sang for 3 hours and Jaci, Jonathan and Ted sang the most. Yep that’s right. The groaners ended up Bogarting the microphone. Memorable tunes of the night were Ted singing Eddie Vedder, Ted and Jonathan singing from Phantom of The Opera, Erica and I jamming to Mmmmbop by Hanson and Jaci singing a beautiful Lisa Loeb song (JON!). The worst song of the night was all of us butchering Eminem.

On the 25th we decided to do a Boston day. We had covered Afghanistan, Korea, and Japan and we headed for somewhere more local….the Barking Crab. A lovely restaurant on the water where live lobsters (Jonathan ran away when we looked at them) and crabs are cooked for patrons to ravage. We got our bibs and went to town.

Ted named his lobster Uma (!) but like a true pansy refused to eat the head of her. Jaci and I had crab legs. She was smart and used her hand. I was not and used my teeth. Jonathan finished his lobster (who he named Bubbles – what is it with grown men and naming their lobsters??) but couldn’t bare to look at it after he was done. So he covered it with lemon pieces to show his respect. Erica topped us all and was the last woman standing as she ate from all of our plates and left no leg unturned. Our waitress said we did quite well for newbies.

The night was finished with a game of Balderdash (which I won!) and Taboo (which Erica and I won!).

And now on the 26th, it is noon. I sit with Erica as she eats her breakfast and we recall the last few days with giggles. I am sad that I have to leave this wonderful girl who is a like a sister to me but who I don’t see nearly enough.

- uma

p.s. Erica LOVES music and feels it is the best therapy for her. So, if you hear a great tune(s) send it our gal’s way because she will be sure to wiggle with glee.


Jamie said...

Erica Jean,
I specifically remember telling you last week to not have any fun without me . . . what the helk??? It sounds like you had an amazing weekend and I'm just sad that I couldn't be there to share it with you crazy kids. Miss you, love you and can't wait to see you.

Love, J

Erik said...

1. I just ate (a late) lunch, but now I'm hungry again reading about all of the food y'all ate. I love Korean BBQ (but I understand Erica wanting to take over--I once had an experience with a waitress who wanted to do all of the cooking for me) (I happened to be completely inept at the cooking, so I welcomed her help, but I would imagine that Erica can handle the grill her freaking self, thank-you-very-much)

2. This sounds like such a fun string of days.

3. I'm so happy you enjoyed the cd's, Erica!

4. Okay, when you say you played Settlers, are you talking about the game Settlers of Cattan?!!?!? I LOVE THAT GAME. I rule at that game. Hmmmm, I need to make my way over to Boston so I can kick some settlers ass. (I'm sure that all of you--Erica, Jaci, Uma, et al--would beat me at Balderdash and Taboo, but none of you stand a chance against me at Settlers) (oh gosh, now I would probably lose since i've talked so much smack)

5. I want to know which Eminem song you all butchered.

big love,

chelle said...

i like this erik character more and more... cd's and a settlers lover, how can you go wrong?!

i'm feeling very jealous about the korean bbq, you need to travel to a little bigger centre to be able to find one up here.

uma thanks for updating for the girls! erica and jaci i miss your posts. maybe if you didn't write novels eveytime you posted it wouldn't be such an undertaking ;)

currently in the music world i've become obsessed with sufjan stevens. if you don't have it already give me a shout next time you're online and i'll send it to you. it's good stuff.

take care, and i think you should post some of the "art"!
much love,

Jon Endrikat said...

Erica, you should check out keane... most of their stuff is good, but my current fav is "is it any wonder". Hope you are having a good week.

Love you girls


Elsa said...

Hey Erica,

Uma's long-winded-posting shows me that you are getting out there and living it up in Boston. I'm happy to hear of your adventures. Sounds like you've got an amazing crew of friends around you to accompany you.
This is my first time ever blogging and I just signed up.
So I could to say hello!! I hope that we'll run into eachother since I too am California transplant to the East coast. I'm in DC. I heard about Aaron's wedding and seeing your pictures makes me nostalgic to see the Oxy crew.
I remember being neighbors when you lived in 1601 and I lived in the women's center. It seems like eons ago, those worry free days.
Now I work hard teaching preK-4th graders Spanish in a DC charter school. It's a year round school so I get these crazy breaks and might come up to Boston in the Spring! I'll let you know.. Thanks for being a being YOU!

slucas said...

DAMN that sounds fun. I had no idea Boston had karaoke boxes replete with tambourines?! Sooo jealous. Uma, did you do any Bon Jovi? You kick ass.

Jen said...

I don't think I'll ever be able to look at a lobster the same way again.... ;D

Hello Erica and Jaci - I guess we lost touch after I was unable to meet you guys in D.C. as I'd wanted. So sorry about that - I really wanted to see you guys again! I am so glad to hear that you are able to go out and have some fun with your friends, but sorry to hear that you were feeling like crap a little while ago. Hopefully, that feeling has abated a little.

Hope to see you guys soon, whether it's home in SF, or meeting you guys somewhere along the way. Take care!


Your cuz in Gettysburg

Nick Buckler said...

Hello Erica,

I have not been able to peruse this site for a few months. However, having checked it and read the last note about music, I would be humbled and excited to send some music your way. I have recorded a loose group of songs in the last few years and I'd love, if nothing else, for you to laugh at them and say something to the effect of "whoa, nick is dumb".
I'm not sure if there is already an address listed, I'll search this site for one. If there is not, and if you are slightly interested in hearing, please send an address to neb9@humboldt.edu.

I hope all is as well as it can be for you, Erica. Thank you for sharing this way with everyone!!

Nick Buckler