Thursday, October 26, 2006

Extreme San Francisco

Last weekend was the long-awaited trip to surprise Kellie and Jennie Edwards as they ran in the Nike Women's Marathon. This was the gift and brainchild of Kellie's boyfriend, James, who, along with Leslie (their sister and my best friend from high school), kept the trip a secret for months! I was amazed and humbled to see so many Team in Training runners and to see my name on the back of Kellie and Jennie's singlets. All of our eyes filled up when we saw each other, Leslie wheeling me through the union square crowd. Thank you girls! It meant so much to me. click--article in SF Chronicle

We saw everyone we could in SF. Friends, cousins, aunties, uncles came out for the various feasts hosted by my generous aunts and uncles. It was such fun and I think feelings of support and encouragement were refreshed for both Jaci and me.

It was a go-go-go five days though, and now I wonder if I'm paying the price. I'm extremely tired and really can't believe I'm even typing away at this blog. My counts were too low this 'hospital wednesday' to administer all the chemo, but i still always get my favorite shot: mmmmm, Aspariganase. Maybe the introduction to the world of the press makes me feel like reporting back in a timely manner. hee hee.

click--press release
Yeah, my auntie lillian held a press conference where she (a somewhat well-known judge and politician), the head of the asian american donor program, a city councilwoman, and three of us sickies encouraged everyone, especially minorities or those of mixed race, to register. The dramatic climax was when lillian cut ten inches from her long thick black hair (jaci was the barber) to donate to Locks of Love, a company that makes wigs for cancer patients. The message was simple and good: "do what you can". Time, money, hair, registration, blood donation, education. I liked the sound of that.

So much more happened in the whirl of our trip. Wise words I want to write in this journal, new opportunities and ideas for moving back to California, seeing cousins I hadn't seen in years, and two ready-to-pop cousins whose beautiful swollen tummies remind me just how long its been since I've been home.


artineh said...

oh, sweetie, it was SO nice to see you, even though we only got to spend the few hours we had on a waiting room chair and in the car :) You looked great and I'm selfishly excited that you are even entertaining the possibility of coming back to CA.

love ya,

Jennie Edwards said...

Erica, it was so good to see you in San Francisco! I can't tell you what an amazing surprise that was. If you want to check out pictures taken during the race, go to this website:

And click on Race Day Photos. You can search by our bib numbers. Mine was 18245, Kellie's was 18244 and Brandy's was 18200.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Take care,

christine said...

erica, jaci,

it was so very awesome to see you both; it's been too long!! we miss you already -- your laugh, wit, positive attitude, radiance... keep up that wonderful spirit!

christine and jeff