Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I feel like extolling the virtues of a few people in my life who I mean to mention more often here and who bring me great joy.

"Three Wise Men" I know:

Kent Cummings- When Kent found out I was sick in Boston, he visited me in the hospital nearly every day. He brought numerous insights into the apartment search process and often used his truck to (first, get lost) and then help us buy a bed, move a dog, get to dinner, etc. He's selfless, loyal and can sing karaoke like nobody's business. Kent's one of those people who can just chill; who don't consult their watch when they're hanging out with you (not even on the sly) because they understand that quality time is not scheduled or slotted. I admire the way he pauses and thinks before he speaks, so you can either rely on him for fully-grown intelligent thought or a witty comment that leaves you in stitches. One of the wisest things Kent has done is to recently propose to another awesome soul, Joyce Lee, and they plan to get married next fall. Miss you guys.

Jonathan Endrikat- Jon can quote movie lines and song lyrics better than anyone I know. He's not afraid to burst into song on an answering machine, to see the genius in Tolkien, or to reread J.K. Rawlings. Jonathan is wise because he always seeks to learn more about current events and other cultures, particularly by getting three times his money's worth at all-you-can-eat sushi. (Where does it go, Beanpole?) Jon's in biz school, undoubtedly surrounded by people seeking bigger paychecks upon graduating with an MBA. I find it refreshing and inspiring that Jon went in with a goal and it has only become more clear through his studies: he wants to coach tennis. Jaci told me that was his goal five years ago and I am sure he will have passion for his work at some kick-ass D1 school come next year. Jon's SUPER funny, but he's deeply wise too. He looks out for me, wears my silly gear, and is always respectful to my sister and my family. I'm proud to consider him like my brother.

Dr. Andres Sirulnik- This guy saved my life. He held my hand the first night I was in the ER and there were a dozen people around my cot and someone was sliding a big fat needle into my groin vein. He made me giggle then and he does to this day. He also frequently says he's going to "kick my ass" with that great Argentinian accent. Whenever I say I can't take it anymore, that I want to quit chemo, that I'd rather die... he says he'll "kick my ass". So, who can argue with that? You can google him all you want and find out how esteemed he is in his field, etc, but what that can't tell you, but I can, is that my doctor has emotional intelligence and incredible compassion for his patients (i have wondered where the empathy goes when he is retrieving spinal fluid or mining for bone marrow, but I suppose it's a Hippocratic oath thing and he has to do it). Dr. Sirulnik understands that cancer treatment is not only physical; in fact, it's mostly mental and he has guided me through some very dark times. I don't know too many people in Boston, but I feel blessed to know, be advised by, and cared for by this man.


TheDarkerUma said...

i have had the privilege of meeting all three.
lovely men.

joe chandler said...

i should have made this list and you know it.