Saturday, March 15, 2008

Knock on Wood

Thank you for all of your joyful comments. Having a donor, even a mismatched one, is indeed great news. Still, I have to admit I'm personally not celebrating just yet. What if my donor changes her mind? What if something happens to her? What if my next bone marrow biopsy reveals an unexpected twist in this narrative? etc. etc. etc.

So... I knock on wood every time I share the good news.

And, I am now out of the hospital- about six days ahead of schedule. Despite everything they forewarned me about, I tolerated the chemotherapy better than average and so they let me go home early. No major illnesses attacked my paltry immune system; only small infections afflicted my body; only one fever over the course of the induction.

Knock on wood.

At home now at my Mom's apartment, we are hosting many good friends who, thinking I would still be in the hospital, scheduled themselves to come visit this weekend. Of course, I am thrilled to be out of Room F038, but mostly we are just taking it easy anyway- hanging out, unpacking my things from Boston (all the boxes- plus all of the adorable and creative cards from Fletcher folk that Samina brought), and eating home cooking. If all continues to go well (AKA, my counts continue their upward trajectory and no funky fevers or anything) I am on track to begin "conditioning" for the transplant on the 14th.

For now, here's hoping for smooth sailing!
Fingers crossed, salt over the left shoulder, and lots of knock, knock, knocking.


Kenji said...

Great, Erica. I am happy for you. I will be praying for you. My MRI of the brain was also clear so we can both celebrate. :) Thinking of you!

Debbie said...

Hello Erica and anyone who reads this....PLEASE HELP!! This is Tracy Baca and my mom and I are here in Palo Alto to visit Erica. We went to Stanford this morning only to find she had been released. So we are in the hotel now trying to find where she lives so we can visit! Erica, call me girl!! If anyone else knows how to contact Erica please call me! 805-310-7268

Clif said...

You're the best around! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down!

Anonymous said...

Live strong - BE strong. I am so happy for you, sweetie. You're so amazing!

Love ya,


artineh said...

It was so nice to see you (and friends) this weekend! I'm knocking on wood, keeping my fingers and toes crossed, and pinching my butt for good luck. I've got a good feeling about this!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey lovely E,
waaaayyyy too late I saw the AMAZING news - wooow, we love German bone marrow, we love German bone marrow!!! :) :) :)
so happy to hear that you're back home being spoiled with visits and Fletcher cards and Saminas and mom's and good food and best company.. BIG FAT HUG y hasta muy pronto querida. love you love you love you.

Anonymous said...

hi Erica, I am almost sure you have already seen it, but anyways:

and I think the shopping wall musical is awesome too:
have a nice day! evelyne