Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Upcoming Bone Marrow Drives- Check left column for details

Let me know if you are organizing something or hear of any other efforts!

Thank you to the committee at Fletcher who are organizing the one there and thank you to Judy Murray, Lillian Sing (my Mom and Aunt) and the AADP who organized the ones at the SF Courthouse and Hall of Justice.


Abby Wood said...

Alright. Project Erica up up and away! I'm organizing a carpool to SF from the Berkeley campus if anyone wants a ride. We're leaving at noon on Friday 4/4.

And if you can't make that one but are in the E. Bay, there are two more drives at the Berkeley campus-- one on 4/10 from 12-3, and one on 4/22 and 4/23, from 10-3.

abbywood [at] berkeley {dot} edu

Jeannie said...

Der Erica. I have writen to Ellen De Generes and Oprah Winfrey and forward your blo on to the producers of those shows. National coverage will only help, hopefully you, but maybe someone else.

Jeannie Reveler

p. said...

Hi Erica,

We've not met but I'm a fellow Tufts student (med) and as you know by now you've got an entire community supporting you.

Have you contacted anybody at Tufts Med to set up a marrow drive already? If not let me know and I can try and set that up.


Emru Townsend said...

Hey, Erica. I posted your info on If you want to work together in any way aside from our connecting BoingBoing posts, drop me a line.

Survivor08 said...

HI Erica,

My name is Meghan and we have never met, but I was training with Team in Training in LA and met your friend Michelle Riley last summer. Midway through our season I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's prior symptoms, it came out of the Blue.

Michelle sent me your blog info and video. I just wanted to let you know how much it touched me. I have been thinking about you and sending good karma your way. I also passed on your blog to everyone I know, including some media contacts at CNN and Ellen.

I am still pretty active with LLS and have made sure to ask that your video clip go out to all team members. Hopefully we will find you a match soon.

I told Michelle to pass on my info to you. if you ever want to trade war stories ....I am your gal. Chemo sucks!!!!

Sending you all my best wishes and thoughts,

Meghan Harrigan

Hopers said...

Hi Erica,

I work at Tufts and have taken a few classes at Fletcher. I was really touched by your story after reading today's post serv. I'll be in Cabot on Wednesday and I plan to get registered (sorry in advance, because, unfortunately, they don't get much whiter than me).

I wrote about you on my blog today. My post is a bit melodramatic, but hopefully it will get a few people to go and register. I promised cupcakes in return for registration, so hopefully that will be a good incentive. :)

A3M said...

Hi Erica,
The staff here at A3M hope you are doing well despite the crummy news about your donor backing out. We've been running drives in socal in hopes that we'll be able to find you a match; we're with you!
Our website will have a list of drives for anyone interested:
-Cliff Okada

Anonymous said...

I just have a problem with one of those posters...
You look WAY TOO BEAUTIFUL. It's like "before" perfectly cute and then after "wow, she's stunning with a shaved head."

You have not mastered the pathetic sick look. Thank goodness!!! (I'm sure that will only serve to heal.)

Anonymous said...

hi erica, can you email me a copy of one of your flyers so that can pass it on? thanks!alice (artineh's friend)