Saturday, April 12, 2008


I met with my Bone Marrow Transplant doctor yesterday and we are "moving forward". There is another donor in mind, with the same level of mismatch as the one that fell through. We DO NOT yet have confirmation of this donor, but the medical team is optimistic that we can assume the donor will come through. Apparently, the donor has consented, but we're awaiting medical clearance. Or is it the reverse? Honestly, the state of limbo remains...

Something interesting we learned yesterday is that the U.S. Navy partly funds the National Marrow Donor Program and they conduct research too! An admiral's son died from leukemia after being exposed to Agent Orange while serving in Vietnam. In addition, there is some connection between the carcinogenic damage caused by our bombs and other international nefarious warfare tactics and the NMDP. So, apparently, when after 9/11 and planes were grounded, the military were the ones delivering bone marrow all around the world. My BMT Doc said that was the only time they were really worried about getting the actual donor specimen after the patient had already been "prepared" with radiation and chemotherapy.

We are moving forward. Still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


annie Barrow said...

Erica, I will keep my fingers crossed and will continue to spread the word. My friend wanted me to ask if you had been in contact with DKMS? She says she knows the person that runs DKMS, if you need it.

Hopers said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

artineh said...

fingers and toes crossed here. If there was ever a day that I turned religious, it's today. I'm praying for you tonight.


Peter said...

I'm crossing things on me that no man should ever cross. That how much I'm pulling for you! I'll be sure to cross things in my slumber, too.

X-D (I'm not dead, those are eyes crossed)


Clif said...

Pulling for you as always, Erica.

singingcindy said...

Hi Erica,

I came across your blog from your video. You are an inspiration!! The world needs more people out there like you! I want to help in any way possible. I was wondering where you currently live? I am working on a special charity event with the Children's Hospital Los Angeles and the National Marrow Donor Program on Saturday May 18th. We will be having a Blood Drive (blood donations will be going to the children in need being treated at the CHLA), Bone Marrow Registry Drive (with the NMDP), and a Celebrity Autograph Signing Session. The event is in honor of my friends young daughter, Hailey Kent (to learn more about her you can watch the most recent video made in her honor on our page). Through my work with the NMDP I have come to understand how desperately needed ethnically diverse donors are. We're trying to get that point across with the May 17th Event. LA is FILLED with every possible ethnic background. Its just a matter of educating people and getting them to come. Is there any way you might like to help us spread the word? You video certainly touched my heart and I know it would touch so many others as well!

Here is our Website where you can find more info about the event and Hailey:

And here is the link to our Forum:

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you,
I will be praying for you!