Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Identity Theft

Check out this story from Discovery Magazine.

The level of physical and mental anguish this man went through astounds me. It makes me so scared, so very very scared. This story also makes me uncharacteristically angry too. This man did nothing but love life and ALL (an all-too-familiar leukemia) beat him down. Do you cringe when you watch a movie and see senseless and prolonged violence? Eric Drew was walking along (whistling, no doubt), when a thug called Cancer pulled him into a dark alley and beat the shit out of him. Why? Why this senseless destruction?

I'm sorry if this offends you, your religion, your sense of purpose, but Cancer makes me convinced that we are just tiny inconsequential specks on this tiny inconsequential planet. When a houseplant becomes diseased and dies, we shrug and we toss it out.

I feel like a random casualty of cells, an entity too mundane to allege a destiny.


anitabean said...

I'm so sorry that this stupid disease is making you feel this way. It amazes me that you don't feel this way on more days, I should tell you more often that even though you may feel you are mundane with no destiny...you touch my life in so many ways and I would be a completely different person if I had never known you. I feel like Jack Nicholson when he said "you make me want to be a better man" but truly-you make me want to be a better person-and I love you!

Abby Wood said...

Whoa. That article was pretty major.

A few things it made me think about: If anyone calls you "Patient Room 32A" (or whatever) on my watch, I'll have Roman break their wrists. And if you need glasses to throw at walls, I'll bring them over. And of course the yoga offer is perpetually open!

Like Anita said, it's absolutely astonishing that you don't have more days like this. We're all here for you.

So let me know when you need the brute squad, the projectiles, or the asanas. And I'll see you on Friday!


Nancy said...

The story from Discovery Magazine is amazing. I've printed it to show others. Thanks for sharing. This guy beat the odds twice. Makes me angry that someone working in a Cancer Institute would prey on ill patients. I actually went to Fred Hutchinson/Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for a second opinion in 2005. Thankfully, this was after the thief was arrested.

Take care of yourself. Stay positive!!! love, nancy

Katy Ass Master said...

For being a tiny inconsequential speck, you sure have inspired, motivated and truly moved a lot of people.

If you're a tiny inconsequential speck and you've done all that, what does that make me?? The only moderately decent thing I've done in the past 2 months is show a coworker a good spot to download free porn. And no, I won't divulge said site lest it get shutdown and then I'm truly worthless.

Avital and said...

you are not an inconsequential speck! we think of you often. In fact, you were in my dream last night!

sending you love, strength, courage and happy thoughts.

MUCH love!

Avital (and Nathan, too!)

Divya said...

Erica lovebug you are amazing! Your deep reserves of strength and reflection throughout this ordeal are impressive and inspiring. I'm sending you all the ass-kicking power I can from the Old World so you can continue fighting that punk.

artineh said...

I sometimes feel that way too, Erica, but as Katy said (is this the Katy I think it is?? HI!) you wouldn't have inspired and had so many people love you if you were inconsequential. Our importance/significance is in the eyes of our friends and family and as anyone can tell who traverses this blog, you are VERY important indeed!

Hang in there. Like Mr. Drew, there just must be a better place and time ahead.

Anonymous said...

Even our magnificent sun is a tiny speck compared larger stars, but that doesn't keep it from shining.

Katy said...

Dang, that Anonymous quote was very eloquent and far more profound than anything I could have said, so I will only say, yes, Erica, even the sun is something something blah blah whatever dude WE ALL F-ING LOVE YOU. You are incredible and amazing and you're going to pull through this and truly understand what you're made of. And when you're done with all this shiznit, I'm going to whoop you on Guitar Hero. Just cuz you're an inspiration shining star doesn't mean I'm not going to kick yer tootie in Guitar Hero. I've been practing Welcome to the Jungle in my car.

Hi Artineh!!

Colombia said...

I keep trying to find something funny or inspiring to say and all I can think of is a second grade joke. So here it goes.
How do you make a tissue dance??

Put a little boogie into it!!!
I know it's bad but the second graders love it!

Hope you are haing in there. Know there are lots of people out there thinking of you!!