Saturday, April 01, 2006

April 1, 2006

Erica and I are sitting here trying to think of something funny to joke about her Leukemia for April Fool's Day, but nothing seems appropriate or really all that funny... and our humor is pretty embrasive! Feel free to try on your own...
As for an update after her last LPs, she is doing FABULOUS!!! Not only did her amazing doc make it quick and as painless as possible, but she did not have any neck or back pain afterward. Her nurse took great care to prevent any unnecessary dehydriation by giving her two liters of fluids after her spinal tap. She is up and moving and even came to the dog park with me and Lola this morning!
Today, since the weather does not appear to be as nice as it has been the last few days, we are planning on going to a museum. Naturally, Erica will be in a wheelchair, but to be out of the house at all is special.
As always, we have a train of visitors coming this week: Luke arrived yesterday, Anita arrives tomorrow, and Bess is coming on Wednesday! I will be visiting Jon this week in Oregon which has left me feeling a strange twinge of seperation anxiety! Just trying to teach my mom the routine has reminded me of how many details there are to remember... flushing her PICC line (IV), explaining which pills to take at which time, describing which med helps alleviate which symptom, covering her PICC before a shower, etc. etc... yes, I know, my mom is beyond competent and I'm simply panicking on my own!


Ambur said...

Hi Erica!
It's so good to see you outdoors getting some fresh air and sunshine - if there is any right now! It looks COLD there - your Boston winter is 'slightly' different than ours on the Central Coast, where we complain when the temps dip below 65. My family and I are praying for you and think of you every day, Erica! Have fun today being out and about with your family!
Love Ambur

artineh said...


You look great! I love the matching outfits - you look like twins. All Jaci needs is a nifty beanie like the one you have on. I hope you two will get to explore New England and take some pics for the rest of us who've never been.

So I just want to let you know that I bought you some more of that Persian tea you liked so much and I also got some Armenian coffee to keep you up when you're tired of resting (if there is ever such a time). This stuff is STRONG! The only thing I'm looking for now is a box to put it all in so as soon as I do, they'll be on their way. And when you're all done with these, just ask for more and I'll gladly make another stop at the local Armenian store.

glad to hear you are doing better than last week. Sev and I were a bit depressed hearing about the troubles with radiation and leaking so I'll have to tell him you are doing better. You're in his and my entire family's thoughts too. Keep smiling hon!


Greg Genco said...

Hello Erica and Jaci,
You two are loking way cool and pretty cute in your matching light blue!
Excellent to hear that you guys made a day of it today.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
kio skete!

Leslie Edwards said...

Hi Sweetie,

I'm so sorry that I haven't been posting any blogs recently! It is so hard to read about all the pain you are going through, and then comment on how crazy my schedule has been. No excuses. It sounds like the outpatient treatment has been really hard on you, I wish there was more that I could say or do to make things better for you. I can't wait to see you on Easter and spend another week with you, I am so excited! I'm glad that you have so many friends and family members still coming out on a daily basis, you are one popular lady. I love to see the pictures on here, it is so great to see you up and enjoying the nice Boston weather! I love you girl and I miss you so much. Only two weeks and I'll be there! Big kiss from Cali.

joyce said...

Hello hello! Erica, it's so great to see you outside, smiling and enjoying the sun. I'm so pleased to hear that you are feeling better and doing well.

I'm sorry I haven't made many posts, but I check your blog EVERYDAY to see how you are doing. I also know I haven't sent the pictures I took from my visit, but I will...Thank you for sharing your picture with us, teaching us about the things you have to endure.

Kent tells me he the bearer of DD donuts...I suggested he bring some healthier food options when he visits (such as Chinese eggs tarts!), but he insists donuts are his thing. Besides, he claims the lady at the Chinese bakery doesn't like him and only speaks to him in Chinese. Maybe you can teach him something in Mandarin so he can get those egg tarts?!?!?

Keep smilin'!

V-Omega said...

I read somewhere that it's important to have goals to expedite recovery:
It's a little late to start training for this year's, but you can make it for next year's: