Monday, April 10, 2006

April 10, 2006

Sorry it's been a while since anyone's posted, but it's been a sort-of rough week. I've been home a month now and looking back, this month has posed different but equally difficult challenges as that first intense month in the hospital. A lot of it has probably been mental. It felt like such a victory to be out of the hospital, like it was supposed to be all downhill from there. So, it was jarring to find the CNS phase of treatment (central nervous system) so difficult to bear. Also, in the hospital, it's clear that I'm there to get better and sitting in that bed all day every day hardly phased me a bit. At home, I expect my body to be more "normal" and I'm impatient and frustrated by my inability to do simple things. Really, I suppose I'm just as sick as I was in the hospital, but now my nurses are my family and my bed doesn't adjust electronically. Anyway, I'm hesitant to state this but... they say the NEXT phase is better and I do have this week "off" to recuperate and rest, so I'm trying to find and celebrate whatever improvements I can find each day and look forward to things easing up, even if it's just a bit.

Poor Jaci has been suffering from the flu all week (even throughout her trip to Oregon!) and her parting gift to me was a cold. Now my angel is back and our house is filled with the symphony of our identical hacking coughs and trumpet nose-blows. I don't really mind my cold symptoms because they ironically make me feel "normal". I take DayQuil and NyQuil, not voriconizolidaniflocin or some such thing. Thank goodness Mom didn't get sick too otherwise we'd all be in big trouble!

Well, perhaps not in such trouble since Bess was here helping out since Thursday. Her mission was to help me get fat. Bess has turned into quite the Martha Stewart as she gave my Mom a well-deserved break in the kitchen and both of us many culinary treats. She took her mission seriously and instructed sternly me to "sit and eat cheese" with a cheese board in front of me and she always had some tantalizing dessert that i couldn't refuse after dinner. I'm sure she must have succeeded in adding a few pounds back to my somewhat bony frame.

I want to give a huge shout out to my A100 class from the Foreign Service who have sent me so much support and solidarity. I miss you guys so much and wish I was still in your ranks. Please keep in touch and fill me in on how your first posts are or how language training is.

Also, I have all the pictures from the hospital up in a Kodak photo gallery. If you would like to see them (perhaps to have a copy of yourself in a wig if you visited), just lemme know and i'll send the album your way!


Jamie said...

I'm starting to make a habit of being the first person to respond to your posts, perhaps it is because I have no job and sit around all day checking the site for new posts ;) Could you e-mail me the link to the kodak pics? Thanks chica!

Love you!


TheDarkerUma said...


Yes, I want pix, too.

If I remember correctly I learnt that blondes DO have more fun, albeit itch as well.

Wow, that sounds much more scandolous than I intended. I like it.

Love and sweet dreams.

P.S. Only you could look cute blowing your nose.

Leslie Edwards said...

Yet another great picture...I hope I will make it out there without catching some virus to throw your way. I would love the link to the photo gallery...I need the picture of me in the pink wig for my modeling portfolio :) Can't wait to see you! Love you,

joyce said...

Erica! So glad to hear that your cold makes you feel better...?!?!? Heheheh. But seriously, I can't say enough times how great it is to hear that you are doing better, and what a better week to have 'off' than the week before Easter! Not that you don't have a reason to pig out on chocolate Easter bunnies, but it'll be one more reason to...

Mom was cleaning out a box yesterday and to our surprise and delight, PICTURES! There's a great one of you holding Jaci (who is eating her hand), and you are just soooo cute, and tanned! Must have been all that time spent in your pool (I was so jealous of that!) And we also have Jaci's birth announcement: weighing in at 7 lbs. 6 oz. I'll be sure to bring them down for you all to see when I can.

Enjoy your week, the sun, the food...I promise to write again soon!

Always thinking of you,

artineh said...

So nice to hear from you (through the blog of course). We haven't actually spoken since January! Yup, I second Uma... no one else could pull off a cold so gracefully.

The much promised Persian tea is finally on its way... and I threw in a gift: Armenian coffee that some love and others think it takes like dirt. I won't be hurt if you try it and totally hate it. Do let me know via email when you do receive the package so I can tell you how to make it. Sorry it took so long to send the package. I'm so used to getting packaging/boxes for free that I was being cheap about buying one. I finally found this box in the middle of a random hallway at ucla, just sitting there and waiting for me to come and pick it up.

Well, I do hope that this next phase will be better... how many more phases?

and yes, do send me the invite to the photo gallery. Even though I wasn't able to come visit, I still love to view pictures of you, your fam, and other Oxy folk.


Greg Genco said...

Hey Erica,
Great to hear from you and enjoyed reading the post! Funny stuff ( i wish my bed adjusted electronically ), if you grow tired of international relations I think stand up comedy would be a real option.
Enjoy your week "off" and hope the cold is just about gone.

Okolo said...

I'd love to see the album as well, you can email to tnt [at]

As I mentioned before I made you one of my honored heroes in running this year's Boston Marathon for TNT.

Here's a picture of my singlet.


matt herman said...

Hi Erica,

I've been keeping up with the blogs and have Jon tell me all about your progress since the beginning. I've been so impressed by your courage and ability to keep that beautiful smile going throughout this ordeal.

I'm going to dedicate the next "Days In Between" show at the end of April to you and we'll donate all door and merch proceeds directly to you and support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It's just a token of the inspiration you are to me and to so many others.

I'm with you in spirit and can't wait to give you a big hug in person.