Sunday, April 01, 2007

**be careful what you wish for**

There's no easy way to say this.

I'm pregnant.

Apparently, my medical team and I forgot to check the Lupron (birth control shot that controls ovulation) schedule and basically it was administered over one month late. This is not that unusual apparently for someone my age, however it forecasts some difficulties with my ongoing cancer treatment.

This is an awkward forum to announce such a serious situation, but I do not have the energy or presence of mind to call the many of you whom I want to know. I'll write more asap.


chelle said...

*big hugs*

and of course much love,

Media Mario said...

so obvy an april fool's joke...nice try erica!

KKK said...
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kaz said...

Erica, you were so cute at the Asian Night!! why don't you come to fletcher with wearing the same clothes ;) just because i want to see it again....