Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recipe for Galiano

Recipe for Galiano Island

1. Start with a small lush hunk of land in the Gulf Islands west of Vancouver, British Columbia.

2. Toss in a small population of natives who have fished and hunted there for generations.

3 Add a dash or two of hippies, artists, builders, retirees, and gay people. Do not pre-wash.

4. Season well with ample amounts of cannabis.

5. As the community marinates, throw in ample populations of birds (I like to use bald eagles), whales, frogs, butterflies, and sockeye salmon.

6. The trick is not to overworry the dough. Things are so beautiful and natural in this recipe, complaining and envy sort-of separate out of the mixture like oil and water.

7. Sprinkle generously with rainwater, put it in the oven at about 65 degrees Fahrenheit and presto. You’ll have a Galiano Island for you and your family to enjoy!

I just came back from a short visit to my sister, Linda’s, house in Canada.

The view from her and Derrick's house.

Linda and her beloved pup, Sara.

The golf course that we had all to ourselves one afternoon. Well, almost all to ourselves.

In a totally odd coincidence, I found out while in Canada that some friends of mine from Sascatchewan (that I taught with in Japan) were taking an impromptu roadtrip to Boston. So, I definitely got my dose of canadian chicks who rule recently. Great seeing you, Michelle!

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Raven said...

Yeah Erica!

Oh it made me ohso homesick to see those photos! Especially because my uncle lives on one of the gulf islands, maine island.

Thinking of you,