Saturday, May 03, 2008

Day 4: Card Shark

If how Erica is playing cards right now is any indication to how she is doing overall, I think we can say she’s in pretty good shape. She whooped my butt in rummy today, four games to none. I wish I could say I let her win, because her mouth hurts, she’s in the hospital and is on pain medication, but I can’t :)

Today, Erica has slept more than the past two days. When she is awake, she is at full attention, but she has been sleeping quite a bit, my guess being because of the increase in pain medication. She is on a constant drip now, but also has a button for when things get bad. Most of her pain comes from the mouth and throat area where the sores are starting to run rampant. MOSSESS is in full effect. She has a slight skin issue with her left thumb, but as of yet, this is it for the skin problems (knock on wood).

That being said, she is still doing excellent. Vitals are steady, no fevers yet (knock on wood again), she is almost as quick to smile as normal and, well, she schooled me in rummy. She was really hankering for a stroll around E Unit again in order to break her course record, and for a change in scenery (plus she had the energy) but we found out that our little saunter of the other day was not ordained in the Stanford Hospital and Clinics Bone Marrow Transplant Unit Post-Transplant Manual of Pretty Useful and Not Always Mentioned Rules and Regulations of Post-Transplant Standard Operating Procedures (Pre-Engraftment). Rule II.2.7932b, paragraph V.6y, line 3b states: No leaving the room. So, with that limitation in place, it makes things a little tougher for the next few weeks (both physically and emotionally).

She continues on her fat and vitamin IV diet, for which we are still waiting to hear how many calories she is receiving (Erica says it’s purely out of curiosity, but we all know she’s watching her waistline ;) ). She had a popsicle today and will add sherbet to her regimen soon. Her favorite thus far is ice-shavings with fruit juice on top (aka snow cone, Slush Puppie). The cool, refreshing flavor feels good on her sore mouth.

Okay, going to see if I can challenge her to rummy again (and get beat down)…


Abby Wood said...

E, stop beating up on poor Josh! I always knew you were the superior being (don't worry-- he knows it too), but I had no clue that you would still be superior even when under a constant drip of mind-numbing meds. I'm definitely going to have them up the dosage before I go anywhere near you with a deck of cards.

I'll see you again soon, woman! Keep hanging in there! After I post this, I'll find some more theraband exercises for you, so check your email.

Love to both,

P.S. Hope the curtain helped last night. I told Ashley to keep an eye on you (she's really nice, eh?)...

P.P.S. I left Roman's camera battery and memory stick. He's going to swing by tomorrow to pick it up. Sorry to post all this to your blog-- I just am not sure how often you're checking email, and someone will read this to you eventually. :)

Jaci said...

that's my girl! i taught her everything she knows... ;) B, wanna Showdown??

Anna said...

That's Erica - the multi-tasking powerhouse! I am glad to hear that you could at least have the satisfaction of winning a few card games. Such a smart one... We need to get Uma over there to give you a run for your money :o) I am thinking of you every day. Much love, all my hugs and kisses (virtual, non-germy hugs and kisses)