Thursday, March 02, 2006

If you have a minute, call Erin!

First things's first. Yes, her last name is the kick-ass unique name, Moneymaker. My friend from high school, Erin, has benevolently offered to drive from Los Angeles to Boston with all of Jaci's belongings, her car towed behind the u-haul, and her dog, Lola, by her side. She has agreed that I can post her cell phone number on this blog, because I think it would be nice for her to have lots of phone calls to keep her awake and motivated on this long journey. She is really nice, really sarcastic, really smart, and talks a little bit fast-- you'll love her. WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY NOW CLOSED. PHONE NUMBER IS CLASSIFIED INFORMATION. I think she goes through many places without reception, so a message works too! Thank you.


Laura said...

Hey Erica! I saw pictures of you and the boys on the Ledger ( and I have to say you look beautiful. And your haircut is fantastic. I hope you had a good day today. We still miss you lots. Best wishes, Laura Zusman

Chris Hageman said...


I heard last night through the Santa Maria grapevine! My prayers are with you and your family. Stay strong and you will perserve!

Chris Hageman

Kellie(Lutz)Munro said...

Kellie(Lutz)Munro said...
(I'm not sure if this was already posted...I'm new to blogging!!)

Hello Erica! You look absolutely beautiful! You haven't aged a day since high school :) Your courage is outrageous and awe-inspiring. Know that you are in my thoughts every single day. It's amazing how something as unfortunate as this brings us all together again. I'm glad to see you've linked up with Rosanne (we're related through marriage). She too is an inspiration to life!!! Stay strong and keep a smile on your beautiful face :)

CLASS OF 1997... who is working on our 10 year reunion? I'd love to get involved... reach me at

Kellie (LUTZ) Munro

joyce said...

Miss Erica,
Allow me to take a moment to impart some knowledge I have gained from my practice teaching of kindergarteners (aka 'spies' as Kent calls them).
Drawing is the best way for rugrats to express themselves as they have not yet developed the language skills to articulate their feelings. When they have a hissy fit, adults shouldn't yell at them or tell them to stop. Instead, hand them a piece of paper and tell them to draw what they are feeling. Apparently, this works in making it better.
So, I invite you to return to your childhood days and have someone fetch you paper and markers (or crayons if you want a more authentic effect!), and instead of drawing how you feel, give a face to whatever you think is making you feel crummy inside. Pin it up, tell people about it, and talk to it. And when you think it's necessary, yell at it (or maybe throw darts at it) and you might feel better.
Even if it doesn't, I hope this post makes you chuckle a bit. Hang in there sweetie.

See you in a week!

Kiki said...

Hi Erica...It's Kiki Domingues, Brian's mom. He just called and told me. So sorry :( but I know you will beat this! Say "Hi" to Mom and Sis for me. Everyone here at (St. Louis de Montfort Church) is praying for you and your family. Father John just called me and wants you to know that you will be in his prayers also. Much love and prayers. Kiki