Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March 1, 2006

Bess reporting from Boston:

As we welcome March at the B-dub I am happy to be able to pass along some messages and information regarding our favorite lady, Miss Erica. I am happy to be here while Jaci is packing up for her move to Boston. These were some big shoes to fill and I am so thankful to Jaci (and I am certainly not alone) everyday for being such a great caretaker.

Last night we had a fiesta and had some yummy mexican food brought in (thank you Auntie Kathy) with some Fletcher friends, Kent, David, and Anna! Anna arrived yesterday morning and Erica has been so happy to have her wise, insightful and sweet Anai around! We took some more photos for the wig wall (photos to come), listened to some West Coast rap and Erica sat in a chair the whole night! Leslie arrived later in the evening and we got to visit with her for an hour before it was time for E to attempt to get a good night sleep.

As I was kicking everyone out of the room (see, I am trying, Jaci) the nurse administered her nightly cocktail of happy sleep medicine so that hopefully since the first time since she got here, could have an uninterrupted night of sleep. Erica wanted to go to the bathroom one last time so that wouldn't wake her up. So the usual drill, get up out of bed, tug the IV tower, do the business- except that the next thing I know she took a head dive into the shower. Since she was attached to the tower, the Picc line in her arm was so tight and I couldn't get it any closer. I ran to get the nurse and when we got her up she kept falling forward, almost like her head was too heavy (and she wasn't even drinking). She was a bit confused and disoriented so she got some oxygen. We got her back in bed, checked her vitals, docotors came and went, and she is doing fine today. There was a CT scan this morning just to be safe and it appears that she just bit her lip. Even falling she is graceful! We think the medicine just hit her really fast but her headaches are still around.

She had a sleepy morning, just ate some more breakfast and is looking at high school photos with Leslie. Erica was very stylish in the 80's and I will leave that up to your wildest imagination. Bongo tapered jeans- WOO HOO- HOTTIE! Thanks to Leslie for being here and all the reminiscing. It was fun to listen to them try to decode the list of inside jokes they made when they were younger.

All in all, I think the constant stream of visitors are doing wonders for Erica. It is amazing how fast time flies in this room. We keep joking it is a vortex because all we do is sit, talk, eat, nap, read and the next thing you know the whole day has passed. We manage to keep her laughing, Dr. Sirulnik constantly has a comeback or two when he comes into visit, we tried to explain to Judy who Nick and Jessica Simpson are and mail time is her favorite time of day (so keep them coming). Speaking of Judy- she has been such a great person to hug and drink some tea with. She is progressing with her technology skills- I imagine soon she will be blogging too!

The nurses fight over who get to be her nurse for the day, she has such a great attitude and she cannot wait to move into her new place with Jaci. I tried to include as much info and fun facts as I could when I am not here in Boston, I stalk the blog. I should sign off now, thanks for all of your support and love.


Jamie said...

What?? Fiesta night without me? Please, please, please tell me that you did not have any carne asada? Well, if you did, I guess it's ok, you need it miss chicken legs ;) I'm so glad that Bess and Anna and Leslie are out there with you. I can't wait to see you.

I was just thinking yesterday about how when we were living at Blix and you dropped all of those papers in front of the gourgeous firemen so they would pick them up for you. One of the greatest moves I have ever seen! Anyways sweetie, I love you and will see you very soon.

Love, J

Chris Walker said...

Hey Erica!

I'm hoping to come by some time on Thursday fer a visit...if you're feeling like company, that is. It's been far too long.

I can regale you with tales of stress and procrastination that will make you glad for your semester off.

Well...almost. :)


TheDarkerUma said...


Please tell me you had some guacamole?

I bet you were the only child that looked good in the eighties.

Remember when Marie got all dressed up (yes, that's Marie Elizabeth Scott) as an "eighties girl".

It was hideous. The style that is, not Marie. Well, hmmmm...

I love you guys and I can't wait to come back! (exclamation point)

Love U-Dawg

Anonymous said...

Hey Erica,

I'm just writing to say hello from a fellow Fletcherite. Can't wait to see you in school. Chris Doten also says hello (he's my roommate and in case you forgot he's the editor-in-chief of the Ledger. Great job on it, by the way). I guess that's it, and hello Jaci.

Jeff Hova

Cristina Halstead said...


I've been checking the blog everyday for updates, but unfortunately have not written until today. So glad to hear about all the love around you. You are in my prayers.

Oxy '93

Becky Taylor said...

I just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you. Once I started writing it turned into a novel, so I better send a regular letter and save everybody else. Expect one soon.
PS - Hi to your Mom, Jaci, Erin, Leslie and anyone else I know there, whose name I didn't see

Marieke Spence said...


I hope to visit you soon! I am checking your blog every day...and encouraging friends to do the same - you have a great voice in your writing, it's inspiring to see your positive attitude and sense of humor through all of this. Oh, and superficially I like to show off how beautiful you are to my guy friends :) I am happy to see the pink envelope I decorated there on the wall! As you may know, the Fletcher 'Faculty Waits on You' Dinner and Auction is this Friday and all the proceeds from the auction are going to the local chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in your honor. Diana Stockwell and Karen Miles and I are offering a wine and cheese tasting for bidding. I guess this means we'll have to learn about cheese and wine, and soon!!! In any case let's hope the bids are many and HIGH! Whoever wins, we will all toast you and your family, and think of you fondly as we nibble on smelly cheese. Everyone at school is rooting wildly for you and we know you are going to beat this thing. Once you get sucked into Fletcher, it NEVER LETS GO. In a good way, of course...I hope to see you soon. I have my purell at the ready. Lots of love from me and my husband (who has not met you yet, but has heard about you since you started at Fletcher and I gushed to him about the beautiful, brilliant Januarian)!


Schatzi Stiens said...

Hi Erica,
Another old Santa Maria friend wanting to say Hi and I am thinking and praying for you also.You are so special and loved by everyone. You haven't changed a bit!!
Lots of love,

125th said...

Erica -

A big shout out from your State Department peeps. We miss you and hope to see you soon. We want to put together a posse and visit you in boston. Whats your Sister's contact info?

I think you need to lay off the tequila on your next fiesta night.


Anonymous said...

Erica - We all miss you very much. I'll have to find a way to send some rum punch to you from Haiti via diplomatic pouch or something. Stay strong - I'm praying for you and know you'll be well and back serving our country on this fine day very soon.


Okolo said...

Please let Erica know that I will be running the Boston Marathon in honor of her.

When I get my shirt with her name on the back, I'll be sure to send a picture.

samina said...

hi erica!

i wanted to come this morning, but was feeling itchy and scratchy in the throat and nose, and i wanted to pretend it wasn't there so i could come see you, but of course could not take that risk!

i hope your headaches are getting better - i have some ayurvedic "pain balm" for headaches that i will bring next time. i can give you a head massage!

i read what you wrote about how all the drugs don't let you do anything but "be" -- hey, that is the whole point of yoga, right?!

don't forget to breathe :)

lots of love and hugs, hope to see you soon!!

samina said...

i am auctioning off a private yoga lesson for the Faculty Waits on You dinner tomorrow -- so many people are auctioning off great stuff, in addition to marieke's wine and chesse, there are spanish cooking lessons, candlelit dinners, use of a trailer during spring break .. i'm sure everyone will keep you updated .. its all in honor of you girl

shanster said...

erica murray!

hello, beautiful, this is shannon jerger. i got an email from dolly yesterday linking me to this site and i am simply floored. seeing pictures of you brought back so many memories of high school... like swim team. remember that? those lovely green suits, coach sylvester (who is living in san francisco - he graduated with my sister last year from sfsu!), sexy tanlines... ha! seems like ages ago.
but, seriously, you appear as radiant now as you did then. my heart and my thoughts go out to you and your family. cancer is a crazy disease, but the human body and spirit are equally as amazing and powerful. you have always been such a vibrant person, and you are surrounded by a multitude of loving friends and family members. reading about your ordeal this past month brought tears to my eyes, but seeing your pictures brought smiles to my face. I pray with all my being that you will be healthy and well again before you know it!
lastly before i go, i would like to cast my vote for the shaved-head look. girl, you are beautiful, and i seriously believe you could rock the bald head! (no joke.) although, i can't dispute the benefits of having a variety of hairstyles and colors at your fingertips to match your mood/outfit. hell, i guess i would do both! :)
with lots o' love,
shannon jerger

ps: sorry about the lack of capital letters... my computer's being a pain in the ass and so i am boycotting them right now. my apologies for any resultant lack of readability.