Wednesday, March 21, 2007


hi all----it's jaci. it's been a long time since i've authored ablog, but this one is actually a thank you and a request.

First, thank you for all the congratulations for my acceptances and I have decided to attend Columbia University in the fall for my Masterin Social Work!! I'm thrilled!!!! I'm sad to leave Boston becauseit'll be hard to be away from loved ones, but excited for a new challenge and experience. Besides, I'll be a short 4-hour train rideaway-----Erica won't even know I left! It'll be a little harder toconvince A... :)

So here's my quick request: a friend of ours, Ted Sheets, has finally launched a website that has been the fruit of his time and energy for the last year or so called: LaunchZilla - Thisis a hybrid of MySpace and YouTube with a socially conscious twist.Basically, I'm asking people to check it out and sign up. The more people who check it out, the more successful it will be and come on,it'll make Ted happy! It has entertaining videos, audio, and pics aswell as lots of great features like ZillaDating and Cash Contests!So, please just go and look at it!

and of course, can we all give a phatty shout out to UMA who is making progress daily!!! YOU ROCK, GIRL!! they say everything happens for areason and i'm still trying to understand the reason for so many ofthe health injustices in just this year alone, but i must admit that i'm happy Erica is in a place where she is well enough now to be therefor Uma in a way that Uma was here for Erica... i think you reallyfind out who has the ability to step up in times of crisis and $40,000says Uma is an amazing friend and deserving of all of it! Let's keep donating and furthering her progress. Seriously, save $5 a week bymaking your own coffee in the morning and give it to Uma at the end ofthe month?? Easy-peasy.

Ok, enough... gotta go study Spanish homework now! Yes yes, i'm heading to Buenos Aires in a few weeks!!!!!!!!!here's wishing everyone well and lots of love. xoxo

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Ted said...

Congrats Jaci! I wish you the best of luck!