Wednesday, March 14, 2007

MUST work

When you have problems, isn’t it nice to be able to assign blame? Not only external blame, although that’s the more fun variety, but even to know what part of yourself is causing your woes? I’ve felt a bit lost this week, ambling around with a shade over my eyes, unsure what’s causing me malaise. There are some things I recognize, the sore muscles from dexamethozone, the watery puffy eyes from six-mercaptopurin, the fatigue from the methotrexate. But, my friends at school might say: "I have all those things and I’m not on chemo."

Good point. It’s midterm time and my inner nerd is rebelling. Procrastination is the despot of my psyche!

I have so much I want to blog about... intellectual ticklishness, the new jobby job, tomorrow's trip to the orange groves of So Cal, Uma's Amazing Race, nearing nuptuals... Plus- I want to share a picture of my new mess of hair! if you'd like to imagine it, it reminds me of Adam Sandler's hair.
ah, but I MUST go back to working on a paper. Half way done.


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Joyce said...


Just wanted to say hello and wish you luck on those midterms. Looking forward to seeing your hair.

BTW, I've done some of my best work despite my procrastination, :)