Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Vote against spousal neglect

Elizabeth Edwards made me cry yesterday. Her breast cancer has returned, spread to a rib and possibly to her hip. She refuses to let her legacy be as a roadblock to “this great man becoming President” and supports her husband’s campaign 100%. She talks about continuing to live her life and even compared her illness to diabetes- something that you can never cure but that you can live with. She said that we’re all going to die; she just happens to know what she will die from. Her strength amazes me because it cannot be confused for a state of denial or for political ambition. She’s had plenty of time to understand what cancer means since this isn’t her first bout with the disease and I have to believe that most people, when faced with life and death, could not prioritize power over health and loved ones. The Edwards for Pres website elegantly included this news but generally steered clear of taking advantage of voters’ sympathy; it remains professional. (It's really impressive how candidates are harnessing the web this time around.) I am a fickle Democrat it seems, since I originally bought Hillary stickers, then I fell in love with Barack, and today I flirted with John. However, despite Elizabeth's amazing shows of strength and the fact that my heart goes out to her and her family, someone is gonna get screwed if Edwards were elected- either the family or the US of A. Thinking about how much damn work I was for Jaci and others when I was under extreme chemo and radiation, Elizabeth’s hubby should not have to choose between meeting with the king of Jordan or making his wife’s treatment appointment or whether to work on universal health care or comfort his children as they deal with their mother’s illness. I admire both of their spirits to fight and find Edwards to be a fine candidate, but I sure hope he doesn’t win.

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Anonymous said...

I am a die-hard republican. Your comment on Edwards is so cute and right. I loved it.
I am addicted to your blog from the beginning because of your good sense of humor and courage.
I pray for you, Uma, and of course Lance,s testicle.
Is Uma really from Taiwan? Then I care of her even more.

VL from Taiwan