Thursday, February 15, 2007

Marie's Voice

Sorry I didn't get this up in a more timely manner! and heeeeeere's Marie:

I really don’t want to do this, but Erica’s making me. Stupid best friend guilt trip. But I can’t complain too much…her arrival here in New York has completely changed my state of mind. I have never been so glad to see someone as I was to see her bounding off the Greyhound at Port Authority last night. (Yes, she was bounding. She looks amazing and healthy and wonderful.) The last 8 days here have been so completely draining in every way, as John and I have found it impossible not to notice and (over)react to every little movement and change and alarm beep that Uma and her monitors display. She shivers – we ask the nurses if she’s cold. Her heart rate and blood pressure are twice the normal, we plead with them not to make her body work so hard. A red light appears on her breathing machine – we demand to know what “tidal pressure” is and why it’s “too high!”. Thank God for Nithi, our calm voice of reason. By now, Day 11, we are in a much better place…though we kind of have to be. Now that the tubes are gone from her mouth and nose, and she is as comfortable as she can be, there is nothing to do but wait. I can’t say it will be easy to do that, but at least there are no more big decisions to be made for the time being. Just a slow process of healing and waiting for her to be ready. I am relieved that Erica is here, and that Erik is back as well. I really don’t want to leave, especially after such a short reunion with E…but I know Uma (and John) are in good hands. Don’t worry, Ums. I’ll be right back.


Chris said...


I found your site by researching and My Wife was recently diagnosed with ALL and we have been told that she will need to receive a BMT. It's all very scary.

It looks like you are much farther along in treatment and I would like to ask if you would not mind sharing your experience with us?

Thank You


Krista said...

hey girl! it's been too long...but i'm sending you little love and a little love through you to uma as well! i'll keep praying for you and sending healing thoughts your way! and a good heap of oxy love, of course. :)