Monday, February 19, 2007


so tired lately. not sure if the stress and shock of uma's condition is finally catching up or if, oops i forgot again, i'm still in chemotherapy. this is 'week 1', when i'm on the most drugs, so it very well could just be that. i slept a ton this weekend.

i guess someone who beat me in the sleeping category was ums though. her neurological functions are improving- she SMILES now!- and her eyes seem to focus more. this is just such wonderful news. i am going to pop in a movie and go to bed early, but first a quick Uma anecdote. When uma last came to visit me here in Boston, she brought with her a large drawing pad, an ample set of oil paints, and disposable palettes. Artsy crafty things had been keeping me stimulated and sane throughout the Intensification phase, but i have never been able to paint or draw well. i still suck but, because of uma, i found a new hobby that i really love. there's something so cathartic about painting; i have gotten lost for hours working on something. so now, every time i whip out those colors, i remember her thoughtfulness and am so grateful.


Jason said...

Hey E. Uma is indeed smiling -- a bit of a snarl-like smile (as Erik has described it), but a smile nonetheless -- with her eyes lighting up! It was so exciting yesterday when I was standing next to her with Eleanor; I was holding Uma's hand, telling my typical dumb jokes and laughing, and Uma started to smile. My heart skipped a beat! It was so exciting, and I'd like to think she was actually laughing at my jokes. ;)

Baby steps every day, and I truly feel that our collective optimism will continue to help Uma fight through this.

See you soon...


Anonymous said...

i stop by here from time to time, when thinking of old times/old friends. my thoughts and prayers are with you uma, always...keep snarling.