Wednesday, February 07, 2007


ya'll have got to check out the pictures from National Vandalize the World for Uma Day on Erik's blog: Join the movement!

The news on Uma is mixed. She has pnemonia and other infections. She hasn't woken up yet from her coma. However, the blood that was draining out of her head is NOT caused by another bleed and she continues to move parts of her body that might demonstrate less physical trauma than feared.
If you're confused about the controlled sedation versus coma thing, I was too. Apparently, the aneurysm caused her to go into a coma. A coma is like a "control, alt, delete" for the body, a sort of system reboot, and it is up to her brain when and if she comes out of it. The doctors sedate her further because they need her to remain completely still in order to properly heal and drain the fluids from her brain. To this end, they have had some difficulty as she is a stubborn fighter and sometimes still tries to buck and protest.
The other crazy concept is that she gets agitated by visitors. She can sense when someone enters her space and Marie says that you can actually watch her numbers climb. So, the docs have advised that visitations decrease. It's incredibly hard to be away from her. I am headed down there on Friday, awake or not, so perhaps I can be of help, if not to her, to John and her Dad.

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