Wednesday, February 14, 2007


i'm now back in boston, which i thought would be a respite from the 12 hour hospital days filled with worry and preoccupation. unfortunately, i'm just as anxious as i was in nyc.

the reason is that uma had a stroke. yeah, on top of everything else, she had a frickin stroke the other night. her brain is swelling. the docs say she has about a 20-30% chance of surviving this. and if she does survive it, she has about a 40% chance of living a "normal" life, with full funcion, etc. this is devastating news for everyone. still, although my stomach is clenching in fear and sadness, i hold on to those likelihoods, to that 30% chance, and believe she will endure. to the docs' confoundment (is that a word? confundity?), uma continues to move her right side despite the fact that the aneurysm and stroke were on the left side of her brain. she also still responds to voices by opening her eyes, although she just stares glassy-eyed at the ceiling. good girl, uma! be a mystery that contradicts science! show them what a rare and wonderfully strong person you are! defy our fears and please please please heal.

the promised uma anecdote...
Uma drives a green nissan sentra from sometime in the early 90's. She calls it Ollie, who knows why. Ollie isn't the MOST reliable vehicle ever, but I have come to realize that it might not all be Ollie's fault. Being the most mechanically minded of us, uma usually querries Marie on all things automotive. After driving Ollie for a few years, uma asked marie about a funny sound she was hearing while she drove. Marie asked if she had checked the oil. Uma said, "oil?". "yes", replied M. "You do get your oil changed, right?". Uma: "what does that mean?" Oops.

It's snowing today here in the northeast so, out of fear of the roads (thank you, Adam), I am taking the T (crazy seeing you on board this morning Melissa!) and need to commence my hour-long journey to the hospital. Tomorrow (if planes are flying), Jaci and I are off to San Francisco for Chinese New Year. I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends there. Oh and to the salt-and-pepper crab from R&G's. mmmm.


chelle said...

hey hon,
that 30% is very hopeful! you see, in SK here whenever the weather guys say there is a 30% chance of rain it rains. when they say there is a 70% chance of rain, nothing. 50%, nothing for days. the only percent that is reliable is that 30%. i very much believe that uma will get through this.

have a great chinese new year's, we're still thinking about you all and sending positive thoughts your way.

Eleanor said...

uma most certainly will not be stopped by doctor's numbers. She will do whatever she wants, and right now she wants to fight!

I wandered onto your blog and read your anecdote and had to comment BECAUSE: once when I was living with her, Uma came home very flustered and said that her car had broken down. Ollie was in the Albertson's parking lot near our house. I was asking her about the car, and I asked her when the last time she got her oil changed was and she said something similar to the... "What?"

Sure enough, I drove over to the parking lot, checked her oil (it was bone dry), bought some oil, filled it up.

Oh, silly Uma.

We're waiting for you, Ums.

Happy Chinese New Year, Erica!

Alex said...

I believe you can do it Uma! Dammit I know you're such a crazy defiant person, you're going to defy them all. I'm going to say your name 50 times to you before I fall asleep tonight ...