Tuesday, February 19, 2008

At the hospital

Erica arrived today at Stanford Hosptial (entourage in tow of course- Judy, Jonathan, Katie and me, Bess).

Photos to come. She is in good spirits and we are about to watch a movie. Treatment wont begin until tomorrow.

Mail time is always great. Please mail to the below address.

Stanford Hospital & Clinics
F Ground Unit, MC 5615
Erica Murray, Room F038
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

So far we have a great nurse, Jessica, and she was born in Canada just like miss E!

I will post photos and more information about what we have been up to later today or tomorrow. It includes video games, good food, sailing, and fantastic family and friends.


shelbie legg said...

Dear Erica,
Charles from A-100 sent the class an email about your newest challenge. My mom had acute leukemia years ago and we are thankful to have her with us every day. I wish you the very best in your treatment and a speedy recovery.

Laura Zusman said...

Sending you lots of hugs! We miss you in Boston already.

Janet C.S. said...

Dear Erica,

I was your Mom's classmate at Maryknoll Convent School (high school) in Hong Kong. We have spread the word around appealing for bone marrow donation. The aunties are keeping you in their prayers. All the best!

Auntie Janet Lai

Janet WK Chang said...

Hi Erica

This is a Marynoller from HK.
I've completed on March 31, 2006, 8 chemo's and 30 radiotheraphies for treatment of breast cancer. Throughout the 9 month period, I have not stopped my daily work outs including yoga.
I also know some friends who have gone through repeated chemo's and another Maryknoller who've recovered from a condition similar to yours. They are all survivors and take it as it comes - like you. The other gratifying fact is: whatever we shoulder on, saves others from having it - God has chosen US!

We all admire your high spirits.

If you or your supporters can specify the type of donors we should focus on e.g. Anglo-Chinese ??? or blood type? ideally located in California, etc..... please let us know.

Meantime, we continue to spread the word around the globe.
Janet WK Chang - MCS Class 1967
and Maryknoller Convent School Foundation Councillor

Maria said...

Dear Erica

So glad to hear from Moira that you are under treatment!

The appeal for bone marrow has been forwarded extensively, which may result in getting more people aware of the small contribution one can make towards a great and important cause!

Keep up your spirit, and across the miles, we are praying for you and for the many others who need support and prayers!

Just reflect on this - your illness has already aroused compassion and love in many, and this drop of water has rippled and its effect will be endless!

Our Lady of Lourdes, mother and patron of the sick, Pray for us!

Cheer up!

God bless you

Maria Lee
MCS - Class of 1967
MCS Foundation Council Member