Thursday, February 14, 2008

First Appointment at Stanford

Yesterday, Erica, Judy and I (Bess Ocken) had her first appointment at the Stanford Cancer Center. We met with Erica's new doctor, Dr. Steve Coutre and a Hematology Fellow, Dr. Stevie Otis. There are a few things to report:

1. Admittance date is still up in the air. We are waiting on final approval from the insurance company and then we will get an admittance date. It is unclear if she will be in the hospital this coming long weekend. For all of you folks who are coming to visit, stay tuned.

2. When she does get admitted, it will be about a 4 week stay. I know she would love visitors and it would be great to stagger it across her stay in the hospital. I am coordinating a schedule so please e-mail me at with your plans. Also, if you are even remotely feeling sick, you won't be able to come into her room.

3. Some information about her treatment. The first 4 days of her stay she will receive chemo treatment. The rest of the stay will be the recovery period. This is a much different treatment than the first round as this type leukemia is AML and needs a different plan of attack.

This is definitely a hard time, but your well-wishes, prayers and thoughts mean everything to Erica. Please keep them coming and we look forward to seeing you at Stanford.

I will report back when I know more.


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