Thursday, February 21, 2008

a few early pics from the hospital

Entering my ward. A sense of humor is paramount.

Lots of tests- from blood work to x-rays to CT scans to EKGs and echo cardiograms- to create documented baselines from which to monitor deterioration.

With low white-blood-cell counts (immuno-suppression), I have to don a Darth Vader mask whenever I leave my room. At least it's pink.

So far, I still feel great. Day one of chemo down.


Aaron said...

Hey Erica,

The blog is looking great! Love the picture of you all geared up to go into the "Patient Unit" - flashing us the "party on" sign. Your sense of humor will definitely serve you well.

BTW, tonight at social hour they had sumo wrestling. Organized by who else but the Ledger. Lillie put up pictures already on Facebook if you want to check 'em out.

Take care, friend.

Moira said...

Hello Erica,

I am a friend of your mother Judy. Just wanted to let you know you have a worldwide network of Maryknoll women/girls who are looking for a bone marrow match with you. We and the Maryknoll Sisters are praying for a speedy recovery for you and will be following your progress on your blog.

Much love,
Moira Richards Conzelman
Maryknoll Convent School
Class of 1967

Giselle said...

My sweet, adorable, funny roommate,

I hadn't had a chance to read the blog recently. Wow... All I can say is that I feel so much love in every single word posted in it. I'm not surprised, because you are so special.

I wanted to tell you that I miss you dearly, and I pray every night so that you stay strong and come back to us soon.

Please remember that we are all here to fight with you.

Te quiero mucho!


Anonymous said...

So Good to see you this weekend ! I will keep an eye out for any other fun treats to keep your new digs homey and comfy. I am sending you a big hug from Texas! Hang in there! I will see you next visit !