Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Countdown Pictures!

Feb. 19, 2008

Thanks to Mom & Bess for the updates. I'm here in the hospital now, grateful for my amazing friends who keep me organized and happy. Today was an easy one physically, but a little difficult emotionally. I'm used to a doctor and medical team who try to spare me the mortality statistics and the grimmer details. Here, I've already noticed a different brand of bluntness that sometimes jars my sensibilities. I do however appreciate their candor and believe that I can better care for myself and make decisions if I have all, even the petrifying, information.

Otherwise, so far, there are more things Stanford Hospital has in common with Brigham & Women's Hospital than different. I have my own room with a bathroom, shower, and constant hum of medical equipment. You enter through a double-door system which attempts to reduce the introduction of pathogens and there are a half dozen vessels with alcohol-based hand sanitizers stationed around the room. Visiting hours are 24/7 and there is a cot here for my rotating roommates. We have wireless internet, TV, DVD player, and (soon) a Nintendo Wii. The walls are spartan and partially covered by medical nodes and wires, but I'm sure we'll do some decorating in the weeks to come.

But before the many posts to come, all about the hospital, here are some pictures of the time between relapse awareness and hospital admission/incarceration. I took my last days of freedom seriously, because I knew that not only would I be stuck in the hospital soon, but, far worse, I would be again stuck in a listless and sick body.

So, encouraged by my peeps, I danced a Russian jig,

went snowtubing,

had a party,

ate a farewell New England meal,

picnicked in the sunshine,

played Guitar Hero and Wii,

hung out with my family,

rode bikes across the Golden Gate bridge,

and yesterday, went sailing out on San Francisco bay. As my friend Josh wisely reminded me when I was whining about having to go into the hospital, these are the days for which I will suffer. In order to have another perfect afternoon in a sailboat with my best friends, that's why I'm here in the hospital. Here we go.



Kelly Wheeler said...

Erica - you are so amazing...your spectacular attitude, outlook, and perspective are truly inspirational.

Praying for you here in Santa Barbara - Kelly (formerly Smith - from SJHS) Wheeler

Clif said...

I'm sorry I missed you in SF.
Did Jaci tell you about our phone call concerning my cousins and friends?

I haven't herd from her yet. I can be reached at cocoamix at mac dot com.

Cathy said...

Hi Erica, You are awsome, really an inspiration for me.
Hang in there, even though you hardly know me,I'm cheering for you in thought and prayer.
Wow what a lovely sail you had, look forward to seeing more sailing pics in the near future,
Cathy, your neighbor

artineh said...

Hi Erica!
What a wonderful few weeks this looks like! I'm hoping for much more of this yet to come.