Monday, February 25, 2008

The Waiting Game

Five five-hour chemotherapy treatments finished and now the waiting game begins. So far, I am still feeling pretty good; minor complaints but nothing too awful. I've been blessed with super visitors and an attentive team of doctors and nurses. Thankfully, I've been sleeping as well as can be managed with the various nighttime interruptions and haven't had to take those mind-altering sleeping meds which really fog up my brain. My diet here is very restricted and it does suck to be tied to and IV pole, peeing into a plastic storage receptacle, and rarely departing from my 10'x15' room. However, the real fun is coming in the next few weeks: fevers, infections, fatigue are all expected as my counts go crashing. What little hair I've proudly resprouted over the last year will again be orphaned on my pillow each morning. Sigh, but it always could be worse. I could lack the funny friends who bring me goofy gifts, send me Youtube gems, and make sure my last days of hairdom are not taken for granted.


Anonymous said...

i LOVE the spikes, Rock Star!!
see you sooooooon,

Anonymous said...

Dear Erica
Your old neighbors(Doreen, Whitney, Kendra and Elyse) from Ivy Drive in Orinda send you lots and lots of love, hugs and good wishes for your speedy recovery!! We think of you always and admire your strength and positive spirit--You are such an inspiration!!
Love from the Marr family