Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Day, Another Room

Greetings from Room F30- Erica's latest (and hopefully LAST) hospital room here at Stanford Medical Center. Things are settling down a little bit as we are getting situated in the new digs, Erica's feng shui-influenced supervision guiding us in our attempt at peace, order and tranquility. Obviously, Erica's immune system is still almost non-existent, and she tires more quickly than usual as a result of this and her medication, but I have to see say- homegirl is looking good! Josh was able to change his schedule and flew in yesterday from Sydney so I am sure this surprise visit lightened her mood substantially, and we spent the day catching up, eating Halloween candy and playing Taboo with Linda and Judy. We are hoping today will be a non-eventful one: no procedures are scheduled and no new infections or aches have developed (knock on wood!) As Jamie said, we are pretty much playing the waiting game at this point. Unfortunately, yesterday the doctors decided it was a good idea to put Erica back on her low-microbial diet, which means right now she's eyeballing the congealed barley "soup" they just brought in for her lunch with justified skepticism. (On a side note, I've been told she's totally OK with me soliciting home-made cookies or treats on this blog. Basically anything made from scratch is doctor-approved and welcome!) Unfortunately, she's still under pretty tight lockdown as far as visitors are concerned due to her weakened immunity, but all the cards, packages, prayers and positive thoughts are so appreciated. Please keep them coming!!! Again, Erica's new address is as follows:

Stanford Hospital & Clinics
Attn: Erica Murray- F Ground 30
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94305


Katie Windle said...

Josh sure is good at flying below the radar. How exciting that he surprised you again! I can't wait to eat some Halloween candy with you. Stay strong my dear. xx Katie

Anonymous said...

hi erica, checked back on your blog after a few weeks away and just learned the news so am sending lots of courage and love your way from the east coast. Hope to see you healthy and back posting as soon as possible, i already miss your witty words of wisdom and observations. Lots of love, and 'bon courage ma chere' ps: hi to Josh too! -- Corinne

Anonymous said...

Erica- I think of you several times a day and pray for you whenever I think of you-I miss you and love you! Bean

SBF said...

The cookies are coming!!! I'll make them just as sweet (but not as tough) as you are. Have fun with Josh and I'll see you very soon!