Monday, February 13, 2006

Feb. 10, 2006

EMAIL #2 sent on 02/10/06
good morning, everyone,
the amazing response of support has been so kind.. thank you! please forgive the mass emails but i simply can't reply to everyone individually. similarly, if you know someone i missed on this, feel free to forward it along and i will do my best to catch up if you keep reminding me of emails to add. many of you were speechless & that is okay!! i completely understand the shock of it all and am touched that you were able to get out at least a sentence to send your love along. i will continually send as many updates as i can---possibly every other day or at least once a week?---so do not feel that you need respond to each as i know you love her & she can feel it.. her health is improving by the minute.. i will elaborate in a moment.
One request that was a common theme in the emails was curiosity of a mailing address to send cards. Please do so!! we have a wall that has already started accumulating cards and letters and i'm sure we can fill it in the 28 days she will be in that room. However, flowers or other live organisms are not allowed as they carry bacteria that can harm her right now... the address is:
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Attn: Patient Erica Murray
Tower 6D, Room 75
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115
On to her health... i purposely avoid the medical details to share the big points and happy news. her white blood cell count is continuously dropping, fevers are dissipating, fewer tubes are used each day, and she is able now to sit up alone & even GET UP!! for a minute at a time. her breathe is short, but they are closely monitoring this & so far find it normal and nothing alarming. she was laughing tonight and smiles through the day. We even sat through a movie tonight since Luke spoiled her returning after a shopping trip to bed bath and beyond, best buy, and CVS. her room is slowly becoming decorated with cards, posters, pictures, and personal items. thoughout the day, her local friends come by to show support & stay for as long as she has the strength.. usually about ten minutes but today was a good day and one fellow was able to hang out for nearly a half hour! all sounding fairly minor, but outstanding accomplishments really!
i wish to leave everyone with good news which is that she looks amazing.. come on, it's erica! she is positive and has made me smile with many quirky comments: "I don't understand why everyone's making such a big deal about this?" "People are sending cards? It sounds serious when people send cards..." "I thought I was sore from doing Belly-Dancing Aerobics.. but I'm not out of shape, it's just the cancer."
For everyone that wishes to come visit, COME!! I urge you to see her as she has been lighting up when new visitors arrive. she misses all the kwoks and is excited when i told her so many oxy friends are booking flights. she loves that everyone is staggering their trips so she will see people thoughtout her stay. Two things I will warn you about first though:
1. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO important: if you feel like you are getting a cold, flu, anything, just send a card. She has NO immune system right now and is living in her little sterile room and any germs just can't be around her. if you have a cough or allergies and sneezing a lot---best to stay away..
2. please understand that you may only get to converse with her for short periods of time.. although she is awake longer today than yesterday, it will be tough now that the IV Chemo has begun.. so come & see her, but be patient that she will be in and out of it...
well, i am starting my "shift" in a couple of hours, so i need to close my eyes for a bit.. Thank you again for all your calls and emails and i'm sorry if i can't get back to you personally for awhile.. i am geting everything and passing it ALL on to her. She must be hearing your prayers because she is exponentially improving! lots of love, jaci

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