Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb. 20, 2006

With Erica now out of the hospital gown and into comfortable PJs (thanks Bess, Jill & Christine!), it seems that she is more eager to get out of bed and try to walk or sit in a chair. Her energy level varies as the day goes along but her appetite still seems to be going strong. Oddly though, she is drastically dropping weight. Each day is fairly similar with 95% laying in bed, trips of rolling her IV to the restroom, and an occasional round the floor. Her day is filled with visitors at all times and instead of being lonely, we have to request people to leave so she can rest! Mobility is so great and allows her to have a bit of freedom.. just a bit..
Two nights ago, we received our first noise complaint! :) With a room full of friends, we played Trivial Pursuit, ate Chinese take-out, and sang our fabulous rendition of Gin & Juice. (Congratulations to Uma and JASON for winning!) Last night was much more low key with a ladies movie night since she was rather rundown from staying up late the night before and, naturally, the chemotherapy.
This morning, we sat in chairs and played cards for about an hour before she had to rest again. While I left to go apartment hunting, she spent the last afternoon with Uma, Marie, and Jamie before they had to leave for California. Then after her visit with Kent, we went for a record-breaking three laps around the floor! Such a workout has left her resting in bed once again...
For now, things are stable: she is working on rebuilding her healthy WBC and normalize her vitals. She still receives two (horribly painful!) LPs each week, chemo, and lots of different fluids via IV. So far, I'm losing more hair each day than she is! So after each shower, I blow dry and curl her hair... it's so gorgeous!
Thanks again for the continuous flow of cards and well wishes! Martinez/Munoz: the cookie telegram is sooooooooooooo adorable and Erica just loved the creative gift!


joyce said...

Hey Erica,

I heard about your pencil me in! I'll be there March 10th. I touch down at 8:15 AM, so you'd better be awake as I'm heading over to see you ASAP! Ok...maybe I'll have Kent take me to a Dunkin' Donuts first for a healthy breakfast and let you sleep in. Any requests? How about a Boston Cream?

It's so wonderful to see your smile in the pictures. I'm really looking forward to seeing you. I've missed you so much!


P.S. A BIG HELLO! to Auntie Judy and a BIG THANK YOU to Jaci for having this blog. Can't wait to see you both too!

marie said...

I miss you already, E! I'm going to start planning my next trip first thing in the morning...

A note on Jaci's synopsis of events: I'd just like to point out that Jason and Uma did NOT in fact win Trivial Pursuit, they just happened to have the most pies (or "chips", Jason) when we quit. And considering the rampant cheating that went on, I hardly think an honorable person would want to win under those conditions anyway. Next time, Kent, Mike and I will form our own game! [E, you are excused from cheating.]

Love, M

Sarah Lucas said...

Hi Erica,

I hope all is well. I'm one of the Boston TNT runners and just wanted to let you know how great you are and that you are helping us more than you know! We gave you a shout out at mile 16 last Saturday with a "boo-ya" as we did our final hill. Thanks for that.

Keep up the good spirits and keep up the noise complaints : )

My best, Sarah Lucas

Jamie said...
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Jamie said...

Hey Lady!
I miss you already too! Well, I miss you and the Purell. Sometimes I rub my hands together to try and recreate that alcoholy smell that we have all grown to know and love so much ;)
I'm coming to see you again really soon. Maybe next week sometime. I'll talk to Jaci and figure it out. Try not to miss me too much!

Love you!


TheDarkerUma said...


Ahhhhhh, yes the Purel. Next time I go to Costco I will not only get a dozen more hotdogs but a case of Purel as well.

I'm looking at a March/April re-visit.

Miss you tons! ( I just got a vision of Jason reading my response and sarcastically saying - "Miss you tons, exclamation point".

Love Ums

Jason said...

Uma, you beat me to the punch! (or: you beat me to the punch, exclamation point)

OMG! I made the exciting. Thanks, Jaci.

Erica, great to see you and your laughing, smiling self this weekend. You're in good hands up there, and you're going to come out of this stronger than ever!

And for the record: Uma and I were the de facto Trivial Pursuit victors. Despite the tainted Algeria answer, we came out on top! (or, we came out on top, exclamation point)

Be well,

Christina said...

Hey Erica,

I am so happy to hear your days are as busy as any full time job.

Speaking of full time jobs, remember when your days were filled with FORCING children pump out 'essential' English phrases such as "It's a pen". Yeah, that should help them in most situations.

Take care,