Thursday, February 23, 2006

for ALL visitors

At the risk of sounding even more like "The Gatekeeper" as I've (affectionately, i'm sure!) been known as, I must warn everyone again:

If you have any form of






Or you can’t sleep…

PLEASE don’t come in!

Erica is HIGHLY susceptible to any kind of germs

You are doing her a disservice during this visit.

You know who you are. :)

Just smile and wave through the window!


Patty Blaylock said...

Hi Erica - Hope you remember me~It's Patty Blaylock (Adam & Jason's mom) Remember the "Sunrise Hills Gang?) Adam shared your website with me and I just wanted you to know that our families thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I am also very involved with "Relay for Life" so know we have someone extra special to root for :-) Say hi to your mom and sister for me. Love, Patty

Anonymous said...

Hi Erica,

This is Irma (and John) Gapter from Santa Maria. We know your sweet mother better than we know you. Did you run the marathon a couple of years ago (or was that Jaci?) and/or stop by our house for the statue. And I know Patty Blaylock too!!!
We keep you in our prayers. Your upbeat attitude and the love of God are working wonderfully!

Today I also updated my Bone Marrow Donor account. I'm still there and hope you can get the help from the program if you need it!
Love and Prayers go out to you and your loved ones. Irma Gapter

Gemma said...

Hi Erica--I just heard the news, and cannot stop thinking about you. I wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you, and praying for you. Get well soon.
Lots of Love, Gemma

Anonymous said...

Dear Erica,

I just heard about the news today. Needless to say, I am sorry to hear about it. However, I have a tendancy to remain overly optomistic in adverse circumstances and my intuition has not failed me once. For starters, you look amazing in your photos. Personally, I think it is a hoax because there is no way that you look sick. I think you just snuck into a hospital and started taking pictures with all the equipment around you just to look sick. Seriously. (LOL). Erica, you always have had an amazing energy about you and things like that never change, no matter what obstacles are thrown your way. I also wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you the other week (before I heard about this). I was remembering all the great conversations we had together in high school. Of all the experiences I had back then, some of the conversations I had with you are some of my best and most vivid memories. It is amazing what an impact a person like you has on the world. Think about it, I haven't spoken with you in quite some time but I still think about you. That says a lot about who you are as a person and what you mean to others. You are in my prayers. It is also true that prayer does heal people. It is a FACT! (research it online if you need more proof). Judging by the amount of people who are caring for you, you should be out in a jiffy. Within the past few years I have been through some health issues myself. Sometimes you will struggle and keep asking, "Why?" I don't know the answer to that. And you may not either. But the answer will come and it will come to you like a windfall. God knows the answer to this and he will reveal it to you slowly. You are going to get better and you will be very strong. Stronger than ever before. You will achieve and easily overcome things you thought were impossible in the past. I believe that you will be thankful for this experience in time even though it is so difficult now. As strange as this may sound, you have to trust me. Great people overcome great struggles. And you are a great person! I am very confident in your ability to overcome this. You are in my prayers.


Craig Koller

Anonymous said...

Dear Erica,

I just thought of something else that is nice to think about that I just read the other day. Paraphrased: A philosophy professor stood before his class and poured a bunch of stones in to a jar up to the top and asked is students, "Is the jar full." They all answered, "Yes." Then he poured small pebbles into the jar and asked his students again, they said unanamously, "Yes." He then poured sand into the jar up to the top and asked the students again if the jar was full, again, they all answered, "Yes." He then cracked open two beers and poured it into the jar up to the top and finally asked the students, "Is the jar full?" Every single one of them said, "Yes." How can this be? If they said that the jar was full every single time, how could it have ever been full the first time? One of the students then asked what everything represented. He said the sand represents the insignificant stuff, i.e. arguements with people, getting angry with traffic, and getting impatient in line at the grocery store, etc. The pebbles represent the small stuff in life, i.e. smelling the roses, enjoying a sunny day, listening to good music, etc. And the stones represent the important stuff, i.e. family, friends, love, etc. He then explained that if you fill life with the small stuff you can't fit anything else. However, if you focus on the important stuff, there is plenty of room for everthing else that you need in life. Then a student asked, "What does the beer represent?" He answered, "Every once in a while you need a couple beers... 'Til next time.


Craig Koller

Andrew Rice said...

Hi Erica-
Wow, it has been a long time since I have seen or talked to you! In fact, I don't remember the last time I did see you, but I have wonderful memories of you, as all your friends do....the charismatic, vibrant person that could (and did) befriend anyone. You are truly an amazing person, and I think the outcome of this will only further prove that. And I have to agree with Craig, you look great in all your pictures, are you sure you are sick?
My thoughts are with you.
Andy Rice