Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Feb 14, 2006

Today was indeed a happy valentine's day! Erica recovered marvelously from a hard day yesterday by showing her smile all day long. Her white blood cell count has PLUMMETED from a whopping 750K to now... drum roll please.......................... 2.22K! We need to get it down to zero as every white blood cell is Leukemic at the moment and then rebuild all the healthy white blood cells.
Erica finally gained a bit of an appetite today and managed to eat much more than every other day. Although she is still dropping weight, no one seem worried & the nutritionist gave her the delightful task of finally counting calories in the opposite direction. :) SuperSize Erica!
After a shower, I blow dried her hair, curled it, and took pictures. She has said that until it falls out, she wants to do something unique to it each day! Tomorrow we are streaking in random wash-out colors and I think some of her wigs may channel a little Sidney Bristow! Yes, it's scary, but her attitude is beyond fantastic. Ultimately, we are envisioning a little pixie cut and we'll go from there...
This afternoon was difficult as the Spinal Tap turned into quite the procedure. After giving up, the doctor was encouraged by Erica to try one last time to complete his task. Viola! The last attempt was successful, but it turned into a painful afternoon. I tell you, her determination is out of this world.... The doctor is VERY kind, constantly apologizing for hurting her, and has assured us that he'll offer alternatives to avoid an event like today as this is must happen twice a week. However, in true Erica fashion, by the evening she was happy and we watched Arrested Development Season 2!
I pray tomorrow is a great day since we have so much planned to try to make it a GOOD day: a wheelchair ride to get out of her room, hair care, a ZERO leukemia cells party, and a night of ordering in Thai food! Granted she may end up sleeping the entire day away, but that's good too! I'll be happy either way.
I'm still working on pictures as I think you will all be so relieved once you see how beautiful she still is---some things never change. We are fighting like mad and I believe we are winning! Thank you to everyone who plans on coming out to visit, but as each day goes on, she is getting a bit weaker and weaker. Please know that this is a process that will continue for many months and your visits any time during these next few months/years are welcome---so don't worry if you need to come later. Now is tough anyhow with her needing lots of rest...
My last thought for the night is a special request direct from her doctor: many people have offered to help in any way and now I am requesting it. Please go to your local hospital or RedCross or anywhere they offer the services to try to donate bone marrow. Don't worry!! The procedure has changed and it is as simple as giving blood! No more surgery-type biopsy. Your information will go on a nationwide registery and once it is needed, you will be contacted. One of you may help Erica as I may not match her bone marrow. Pray I do, but perhaps one of you will? Please get on the registery! :)
p.s. SHOUT OUT to Bess Oaken today for donating platelets & PROPS to Jamie Murphy for trying... maybe your blood level will be high enough tomorrow, Sweetie! :)


Erik said...

Jaci, happy birthday yesterday and thank you for setting up this blog, it's a great way to update people.

Erica, you look beautiful in this photo--congratulations on your low white blood cell count! Tell Jaci to post pictures of your new look after you put in the streaks of color tomorrow--we wanna see all of your new looks (and it's been such a long time since I've dyed my hair, I think you might inspire me to do it again). Glad to hear you're watching Arrested Development and getting lots of laughs in. (I was just watching an episode and I noticed that Hamilton the puppet was wearing a t-shirt that said, "George Bush Hates Black Puppets." How funny is that show?)

Lots of love and xoxo,
Erik Nithipalan

Anita said...

Hi Murray Girls! and Luke!

I was pleasently surprised and a little put out, Erica, that you still look so amazing. I think next you should dye your hair red!! Everyone loves a red head:)

We got our house inspected yesterday and last night, Josh and I got our first dance lesson from my parents for our first dance. Don't worry if you can't make it, we are having the whole affair video-taped so my lovely California girls won't miss a thing.

many hugs my loves!

TheDarkerUma said...

Man, you look beautiful Erica.

By the way, I contacted the mail room at the hospital and your Valentine from me is on the way. They said it should be delivered to you at around 2pm.

It's from Darkie Productions. =)

2 more days! Shall I bring some blue hair dye?

Love Uma Nithipalan

slucas said...

Seeing these pictures it is hard to believe you are sick at all. You look as gorgeous as ever.

Hey, did you ever see the rest of Alias? You might need to check out seasons 2 and 3 to get more hairstyle/wig ideas. Want to borrow my DVDs?!

Jaci, you are an angel and thanks for setting up this blog to keep us all in the loop.


artineh said...

Hi Erica,
You look beautiful! And blue hair, or red hair, or no hair, you will still be stunning! It's nice to hear you are in good hands and so wonderful to know that you are the miracle girl on the floor. I'm sure it works wonders that you have so many people there, surrounding you and watching over you. And of course, it's clear from this blog that you are in many more people's hearts and minds. I, too, think of you all day, every day and am sending love and best wishes your way.

I miss you much and can't wait to see that awesome smile again... in person. Hang in there. You can beat this!


M Priebe said...

I just got off the phone with my grandma and she demanded I tell you about this medical center that uses high dosages of vitamin C to cure cancer. Apparently, they're getting more and more recognized.


It does sound like you're making great progress so hang in there! Arrested Development 2- excellent. I can imagine you like Buster after his hand was bit off by a seal. I hope you have a bleep machine too to mask all your expletives ;)

Special thanks to Jaci for setting up the site. So happy to see the whole family together supporting each other- just like Charlies Angels- an Alias precursor...

Best, Marc

enid said...

Oh Erica- when i got Jim Jacobs message, i felt so awful- but now that I can see your pictures, i feel much better. I am so glad to hear that you are improving and that you are getting love and support from so many. I will check up on you regularly.

Love, Enid

Christina said...

How do you manage to look so good even when you are in the hospital?

I can't believe its been almost a year since I last saw you. To point out the obvious (cuz that's the only talent I have) it appears as though things have changed quite a bit on your end :(

Good job on showing those white blood cells who's boss. Silly white blood cells, I guess they WANT to learn the hard way.

Anyway, you are in my thoughts and I hope things continue to get better.

Much love,

ps. thanks to your sister for creating this blog.