Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Ok, per Erica's request, I have reluctantly agreed to post lyrics I created to the song Gin and Juice redone by Phish. She seemed to really enjoy it! :) Please listen to/download Phish and hear the song as you read the lyrics... give me a break, ok---it was written on little sleep last night around 2am! Jonathan E, I'm sure you can appreciate this!! :)

Gin & Juice Remix Chemo Style!

With so much drama in the B, MA

It’s kinda hard havin’ Leuk-e-m-i-a

But I, somehow, some way

Keep bringin’ down my white blood cell count nearly every single day

Can I, kick a lil’ something like this disease

And, make a few friends like Nurse Suzy

Well it’s two in the morning, and my pees still comin’

Cuz my bladder won’t quit!

I got nurses in the waiting room preppin’ my blood

And they ain’t leaving til shift in the mornin’!!

So whacha wanna do??

I got a box full of rubber gloves and the docs do too.

So turn off the lights and close my eyes

But (but what) no more aches in my thighs.

So we gonna celebrate that

Reds up, Whites down like your Mother Judy prayed for that!

Rollin’ round 6D, drippin’ chemo, sippin’ on soup and juice

Laid back (with my head on a pillow and a pillow on my eyes)

Rollin’ round 6D, drippin’ chemo, sippin’ on soup and juice

Laid back (with my head on a pillow and a pillow on my eyes)


Anita said...

Jaci~ You are so creative, I couldn't hear the tune in my head so I made up my own while I read the lyrics and it sounded more like a nursery rhyme but I still really enjoyed it!!!

Keep the good times rollin' toots!

joyce said...

Hey Erica,

I downloaded the Gin and Juice song...I think Jaci may be onto something here...could be a whole new genre of music! Great job!

As of now, I'm curious to know if Kent came by to see you today as I have not heard from him all day! I hope you had a good day. You look gorgeous in the pics...

Keep your spirits up! And as the Nihonjin would say...Ganbatte!

Lotsa Love,

TheDarkerUma said...

Great song, Jaci!

Erica and all: Check out what my better half did.

love uma

amber said...

Jaci - as a friend of Erica's I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you keeping this page up to date - adding pictures and everything! I am sure you are exhausted too but it is wonderful for all of us who can't be there to keep up to date, check on Erica, and not call you every 5 minutes with questions!
Erica - all my thoughts are with you darling girl. You are so strong and brave! You are surrounded by so many who love you - just take it all in and fight like hell sister! :) We love you!!!
Amber Harrison

Sandy said...

Erica, I think the pixie haircut will look great! I have a nice conlaw class this year, but still not up to the standard you guys set. I am thinking of you. Make sure Jaci keeps us posted and let me know if there is anything i can do.
S Cooper

Ward Frye said...

Hi Erica,

I'm a friend of Christine Chu's in San Francisco. She forwarded me your blog. I'm so impressed with your courage, strength, and therapy successes. Also, what great supporters you have! Now you have one more.

For the past two years I've been running marathons to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, and have met so many inspring people that have conquered leukemia and gone on to do such great things in life. Right now I'm training for the Napa Valley Marathon in March and doing a half marathon in Austin, TX this weekend. I want you to know that I and three other team members will be dedicating our run to you. Although, the race is sure to kick our butts, the pain is nothing when it is for such an important cause. If you'd like to find out more about our team and what I am doing this season, you can visit my website -

Also, I've made you one of my personal honorees this season. As I grind these races out, I'll be thinking about you and the other honorees quite a bit.

Meanwhile, hang in there. Take things one step at a time and you'll be able to easily climb mountains. You are in my thoughts!


TokyoGyoza said...

hai hai erica-chan,

its helen here (from tokyo and now in HK) its been a while since Ive used japanese (sitting the level 4 test seemed so long ago...)

have fun coloring your hair (we all secretly long to be sydney bristow...and kick some baddie butt) and I know you will overcome this very quickly,

So when you are ready, come over to HK and Ill show you some amazing desserts (almost better than pumpkin pie!!! )

take care and keep smiling


Sherife said...

My thoughts, prayers and love are with you all..

David Rion said...

Jaci and Erica--- I'd love to come visit sometime soon! Jaci, my email address is, please let me know what I can do.

Erica- Ophelia sends her love. she's MUCH more cuddly since last time you met her, though she's still strangerphobic.

You're in my thoughts,

volvojon said...
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chako said...

Hey Lady!!
It's Chako - man it's been a year and i cut my contract and hauled my ass back to America already! During my last days at Shinmaruko, I did Skittamarink with the little cuties and dedicated it to you! good times, good times! You are in my thoughts and I know you're a tough lady and that you're going to kick the living crap outta this thing. Keep your head up, sister and ill always remember you singing, "I love you in the morning and in the afternoon! love you in the evening and underneath the moooooon OH! skittamerinky dinky doo skittamerinky dooo i love youuuu!" xox chak

p.s. watch these videos of the kids to make you smile (or cringe? hehe)
(might take a while to load ;)

Erik said...

Love the picture--awesome dye jobs!

ProfBurgess said...

Erica and family,
I wanted to pass along a message from my Team in Training (TNT) Manager at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that you are welcome to contact them if you need any information or support. They may even be able to reimburse you for some costs. If you are interested, here is the link to their website:

Also, if you want to check out my TNT site, the link is: I noticed from the blog that another TNT member is racing in solidarity with you, which is terrific.

By the way, love the song!

Alex said...

Truly in the makings of Guy Carawan (an Oxy alum), whose song "We Shall Overcome" was an anthem for the civil rights movements of the 60's, your words are an anthem for cancer patients all around!